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Devastating Cryptocurrency Scam: Pensioner Loses 20 Million Baht to Fraudster Impersonating Renowned News Anchor!

Accompanied by cybercrime investigators, esteemed TV news anchor Orakan Jivakiet, dressed in pristine white, recently took up a heart-wrenching case revolving around the lucrative realm of cryptocurrencies. The complainant, a 66-year-old government pensioner, claimed a loss of an astounding 20 million baht within a short span of two months, with the orchestrator of the scam allegedly posing as the respected news anchor herself on the popular social network, Facebook.

It was a lamentable tale of deceptive online traps, as the elderly man, drawn into the intertwined web of intrigue and the prospect of exponential financial growth, lost his extensive savings to his false confidante. His quest to gain substantial returns through cryptocurrency investments saw him transferring about 20 million baht in a series of 33 transactions across 10 different banking accounts.

The case was duly reported to the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB), where detailed discussions with the victim ensued, led by the zealous CCIB commander Pol Maj Gen Chatpanthakan Khlaikhlueng. The victim succinctly recollected the series of events that led to his predicament. A person, utilizing the Facebook ID of the esteemed anchor Orakan Jivakiet, initiated a conversation and later, convinced the victim to switch to the messaging application, LINE for their subsequent interactions.

Over time, as the victim became more comfortable and trusting of his counterfeit confidante, the scammer baited him with enticing opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Little did the naïve investor realize, this was a meticulously crafted plot leading him straight into a pit of financial doom.

The moment of realization hit him hard when an attempt to withdraw a supposedly returned sum of 10,000 baht from his investments was thwarted. Over the course of just two months, the poor man found himself bereft of the entire sum he had unassumingly invested.

In the wake of these shocking revelations, Ms. Orakan expressed her deep shock and distress. She vehemently denied any connection with the illicit activities carried out under her guise. She further clarified that she abstains from using popular social media platforms, including Facebook, thus amplifying the magnitude of the fraudulent act that had smeared her reputation and led to the unfortunate loss of an innocent man’s life savings.

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