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Diabetes Epidemic Alert: Shocking 73% of Bangkok Residents at Risk – Uncover the City’s Terrifying Health Crisis!

Initiated in 2022 by the Diabetes Association of Thailand and Merck Thailand, the Diabetes-Free Thais initiative seeks to heighten public consciousness of pre-diabetic conditions, which, if identified and addressed promptly, can decelerate the progress of diabetes.

BMA deputy governor Tavida Kamolvej disclosed that, of the 7,500 individuals tested during the previous year’s undertaking, a staggering 73% were found to be at a heightened risk of succumbing to diabetes.

Thus, the association approached the BMA for assistance in increasing awareness among Bangkok’s residents about the health hazards posed by diabetes, Tavida mentioned at Wednesday’s initiative commencement.

“Public health data demonstrates that the bulk of the over 5 million diabetes sufferers reside in large urban centers such as Bangkok,” she stated. “The urban lifestyle contributes significantly to the onset of diabetes because people are preoccupied and have limited opportunities to work out and maintain their well-being.”

Elderly individuals face a greater likelihood of developing diabetes, and given that they constitute 28% of Bangkok’s populace, the BMA’s primary focus will be on increasing awareness within this demographic, she noted.

Tavida explained that the BMA’s Health Department would utilize both proactive and reactive methods to pinpoint at-risk persons in every community, offering them medical attention and health guidance.

Healthcare professionals and volunteers will also engage in door-to-door visits to emphasize to the public the significance of primary healthcare. Early detection of diseases is essential to help minimize long-term treatment costs, they argue.

“We are optimistic that this collaboration within the campaign will enhance the city’s primary healthcare standards, and can be incorporated into future endeavors such as the establishment of hospitals and research facilities dedicated to diabetes treatment and prevention,” Tavida declared.

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