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Earth-Shattering APEC Summit: Embracing the Bangkok Goals and Tackling Global Environmental Challenges – World Economy Transformed!

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Commerce Ministry, Ekachat Seetavorarat, is set to attend the APEC Summit in Detroit, Michigan, from Thursday to Friday (May 25-26), according to the department director-general, Auramon Supthaweethum.

During the summit, there will be various discussions centered around APEC’s role in supporting multilateral trading, promoting sustainable and inclusive trade through concrete guidelines, continuing the Bangkok Goals on BCG Economy, and propelling the Putrajaya Vision 2040 and Aotearoa Plan of Action to address global environmental challenges. As the host of this year’s APEC Summit, the United States will emphasize continuity of outcomes from last year’s summit in Thailand, particularly in regard to the Bangkok Goals on BCG Economy.

This commitment demonstrates that APEC members remain dedicated to fostering trade development in conjunction with sustainability, inclusiveness, and participation from all sectors. To encourage the APEC economies to focus on the Bangkok Goals on BCG Economy, the United States has prepared the “Manoa Agenda for Sustainable and Inclusive Economies.” This agenda will pave the way for ministerial meetings that display outcomes related to sustainability and inclusiveness while simultaneously building engagement with stakeholders.

Moreover, the summit will explore methods to enhance regional collaboration for facilitating marine waste collection. The Bangkok Goals on BCG Economy supply a comprehensive framework to further advance the sustainable development agenda in the Asia-Pacific region. These goals tackle four key areas: environmental challenges, trade and investment, environment and natural resources, resource efficiency, and sustainable waste management.

Last year, the trade between Thailand and APEC reached 14 trillion baht, encompassing 6.9 trillion baht in exports and 7.2 trillion baht in imports. The upcoming APEC Summit aims to build upon these achievements and foster an interconnected and collaborative environment focused on greater sustainability and economic inclusivity.

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