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Eastern Thailand customer buys new Honda PCX with coins

The staff at a motorbike store in Chon Buri province, which is in eastern Thailand, couldn’t believe it when a customer stepped in and asked if he could pay with pennies for a brand-new Honda PCX that cost 102,500 baht. Most people in Thailand have an abundance of spare change that they don’t know what to do with, but they don’t have nearly enough money to buy a motorcycle. The Akhom Charoen Honda Motorcycles Chon Buri dealership posted a photo of one of its staff members counting coins on Facebook along with the caption: “Guess the number of coins. The customer informed me that he had been making daily deposits in order to pay cash for the PCX160. Excellent, and counting was a lot of fun.”

A customer reportedly called the store and inquired about the possibility of paying with coins, to which the shopkeeper replied that it would be feasible, according to a report from an employee named Suwant. The customer then entered the shop and made the decision to buy a Honda PCX160 model. It took the staff an impressively short length of time, only twenty minutes, to count the two boxes full of coins because the customer had already divided the coins into individual bags of 100 baht. Suwant claims that although a customer has previously given a down payment of 1,500 baht with coins, they have never done so for a full motorcycle. Suwant emphasized that all customers are welcome at the store and that the staff is happy to count their monies at no extra charge.

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