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Edge-Of-Your-Seat Encounter Between Hamas And Thai Officials – Are Thai Captives on the Brink of Liberation?

Post his productive discussion with Khalid Al-Qaddumi, a well-known Hamas representative, Mubarak communicated about their deliberation on Wednesday. This influential dialogue was aimed at negotiating the liberation of several Thai captives. A striking image featuring the influential handshake between the two men discovered its way to the internet following their meeting.

Mubarak, with an air of optimism, stated, “The talks for the release of Thai nationals are shaping up positively.” He further revealed that Al-Qaddumi conveyed to him that the abduction of all hostages, including Thais, was a tactical part of their warfare negotiations with Israel. He guaranteed that Hamas had no harmful intentions towards the detained Thais in Gaza.

It is on the cards for Mubarak and Al-Qaddumi to have another crucial face-to-face discussion at the beginning of the imminent week. Mubarak is also recognized by another alias, Lerpong Syed. He is none other than the younger sibling of Syed Sulaiman Husaini, the renowned head of the Shia Muslim sect in Thailand.

In the preceding week, Sulaiman steered extensive talks with the Thai Parliament’s president, Wan Muhammad Noor Matha. They deliberated in-depth about potential strategies to liberate Thais held hostage by the Gaza militants.

The charismatic president of the Parliament, Wan Muhammad, originates from the Muslim-majority area in the deep South of Thailand. Over time, he has crafted an extensive network of connections within the Islamic world.

Wan Muhammad is one of the initial founders of the Thai political movement, Wadah. An establishment rooted in the principles of Islam, Wadah was established back in 1986.

The Foreign Ministry of Thailand shared recently that at least 19 Thai nationals are currently held captive by Hamas. This count is part of nearly 200 hostages that the militant group has detained in Gaza.

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