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Education Crisis Hits Stateless Myanmar Students: Thai Policymaker’s Desperate Plea Ignites Controversy – Is This Our Wake-Up Call to Injustice?

In light of recent actions against both stateless children and the head of their school, Khattiya Sawasdipol, a representative from the Pheu Thai party, took to social media to urge governmental agencies to defend and uphold the right of education for every child, irrespective of their legal status. Her call to action occurred as 126 ethnically distinct students from the Ang Thong province were exiled back to Myanmar.

Through her social media outreach, Sawasdipol emphasized the failure of the “education for all” policy purportedly bestowed by the government, as exemplified by these recent events involving the children’s deportation. She demanded a convergence of four crucial government sectors – the Interior Ministry, Education Ministry, Social Development and Human Security Ministry, and the Immigration Bureau – to formulate an action plan to safeguard the rights of stateless children.

Faced with this widespread ousting from their educational institution, consequent to a police raid on the Thairath Wittaya 6 School in Pa Mok back in June, the lawmaker highlighted the need for a fair investigation. This investigation should encompass those directly involved in assimilating these children into the school system, including the school’s director.

In a separate event in the Mae Sot district, fifty-two illegal immigrants were apprehended alongside a Thai individual during the night patrol on Thursday. These immigrants were discovered hidden amidst heaps of vegetables onboard a transport truck stopped for inspection at the Mae Pa security checkpoint.

The majority of the detainees (32 of them) were found possessing counterfeit border passes. The remaining twenty had no documentation on them. The truck operator, identified as Rin, faces charges of smuggling illegal immigrants and has since been transferred to the Mae Sot police station.

Meanwhile, in the political sphere, the Supreme Court declared an eternal election ban on Thanikan Phonphongsaroj, a former Bangkok Member of Parliament from the Palang Pracharath Party. This lifetime prohibition stems from her violation of the political postholder’s code of ethics.

The court’s decision traces back to a verdict on July 20, where Phonphongsaroj was sentenced to 1.5 years of incarceration, deferred for 2 years due to her handing over her MP card to a colleague for voting on her behalf. The court noted that Phonphongsaroj was absent when her card was used in the vote and failed to disclose this anomaly. The evidence suggests that not only did she willingly allow another MP to vote for her, but this act of deceit was also a severe breach of the ethical code.

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