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Election Commission Delays Senate Poll Results Amid Irregularity Claims – Senate Swearing-In and Speaker Vote Ahead

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Votes are meticulously counted at the bustling venue of the final round of the Senate election in Nonthaburi on June 26. (Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut)

The Election Commission (EC) is gearing up to announce the official results of the Senate poll next week, amidst rising calls for a delay due to suspected irregularities in the election process. According to insider sources, the EC had originally planned to reveal the results yesterday. However, the announcement has been postponed to address minor concerns, including thorough background checks on certain candidates.

On Friday, an extravagant reception venue was set up by the Secretariat Office of the Senate on the ground floor of the Parliament Complex in Bangkok’s Dusit district. This location was intended to welcome the 200 newly-elected senators along with another 100 candidates from 20 various professions who are on the reserve list, according to an informed source.

The source added that the names of the new senators will be officially announced in the Royal Gazette. Following this, the first Senate meeting is slated to take place where senators will swear an oath before commencing their responsibilities. Moreover, an election for the Senate speaker and their deputy will be conducted. Mongkol Surasajja, a public administration and security professional group candidate, is anticipated to be nominated for the speaker role. He is reportedly closely associated with a prominent political dynasty, ‘ban yai,’ in Buri Ram. Another name in the mix for the post is Gen Kriangkrai Srisak, who has strong ties with Bhumjaithai Party leader Anutin Charnvirakul, the source revealed.

This new Senate will hold office for a term of five years. Unlike their predecessors, the new senators will not join MPs in electing a prime minister. Their primary duties will involve passing legislation and amendments to existing laws. They are also charged with endorsing the appointment of members to independent organizations, Constitutional Court judges, and the Attorney-General, along with maintaining a check on the executive branch.

In a dramatic turn, a group of former candidates led by Pol Lt Gen Kamrob Panyakaew visited the EC office to follow up on their complaint seeking a suspension of the vote due to perceived irregularities. They pressed the EC to recount the votes.

“We have concrete evidence that some candidates orchestrated a poll geared towards voting for specific individuals. This was blatantly evident through a set of numbers printed on a piece of paper guiding other candidates to vote for specified numbers in different professional groups,” Kamrob Panyakaew articulated fervently.

Adding another twist to the unfolding scenario, a source disclosed that Senate chairman Pornpetch Wichitcholchai has called for a meeting of Senate whips on Monday. The agenda is to review a proposal by caretaker Senator Somchai Swangkarn, which suggests forming a committee to scrutinize the voting process based on Section 107 of the charter, aiming to avert any future vote-rigging.


  1. Hannah Smith July 6, 2024

    It’s concerning that the Election Commission keeps delaying results. Are they trying to cover something up?

    • JohnDoe76 July 6, 2024

      If they are delaying to make sure everything is in order, I’m all for it. Better to get it right than rush it.

      • Hannah Smith July 6, 2024

        But how long are we supposed to wait? Trust in the electoral process is already low!

    • Luke P July 6, 2024

      There’s always something fishy going on when politics is involved. This isn’t surprising at all.

      • Dr. Elaine Marcus July 6, 2024

        Cynicism doesn’t help. We need proper oversight and transparency, not baseless claims.

  2. grower134 July 6, 2024

    So the new senators won’t help elect a PM. Isn’t that a relief? Last time it just caused more chaos!

    • Jessica L. July 6, 2024

      Yeah, but their influence is still huge. They have a lot of power in passing laws and appointing judges.

      • PoliticalJunkie July 6, 2024

        Exactly, and that’s why transparency in their election is crucial.

  3. Alex89 July 6, 2024

    The Royal Gazette announcement will be the real deal-breaker. Until then, it’s all just speculation and drama.

    • Sarah N. July 6, 2024

      True, but public trust is already shaky. Any delay just makes people more skeptical.

      • Alex89 July 6, 2024

        Can’t argue with that. They need to be more transparent for sure.

      • RealDebateMike July 6, 2024

        Transparency is as clear as mud in politics these days.

  4. Kevin July 6, 2024

    If Mongkol Surasajja becomes Senate Speaker, guess who’ll really be running things? The ‘ban yai’ political dynasty!

    • TruthSeeker123 July 6, 2024

      Always the same names coming up in politics. It’s a never-ending cycle.

      • Lydia W. July 6, 2024

        Nepotism at its finest. Someone needs to break this cycle.

      • Kevin July 6, 2024

        Exactly. We need fresh faces and new ideas.

  5. Larry D July 6, 2024

    The complaint about vote rigging is serious. How can we trust the results if there’s manipulation?

    • Chris P. July 6, 2024

      Where’s the evidence though? Kamrob Panyakaew needs to bring concrete proof, not just accusations.

      • Larry D July 6, 2024

        He mentioned evidence of orchestrated votes. This needs a proper investigation.

  6. RogueKnight99 July 6, 2024

    Who cares about the elections? They are all corrupt anyway. It doesn’t make a difference.

    • Marie T. July 6, 2024

      Don’t be so jaded. It’s crucial we hold politicians accountable.

  7. AnalystJane July 6, 2024

    If Gen Kriangkrai Srisak gets involved, we might see more influence from the Bhumjaithai Party. Is that good or bad?

    • Tommy L. July 6, 2024

      Depends on your perspective. More influence could mean more stability, or it could mean more corruption.

      • AnalystJane July 6, 2024

        I’m leaning towards skepticism, given their past actions.

  8. Katya July 6, 2024

    Senators not electing the PM is a good move. Separating powers can reduce political manipulation somewhat.

    • Joe July 6, 2024

      Definitely agree. We need any measures that can curb power concentration.

  9. Phillip H July 6, 2024

    Why doesn’t the EC just do a recount? It would calm a lot of people down.

  10. Maya S July 6, 2024

    The scramble for the Senate Speaker position is just a power play. They don’t really care about serving the country.

  11. George T July 6, 2024

    A committee to scrutinize the voting process is a great idea. Anything to prevent future vote-rigging.

  12. Amelia July 6, 2024

    Everyone is speculating about irregularities. Let’s trust the system to sort this out.

    • justiceisblind July 6, 2024

      Blind trust isn’t the answer. We need vigilance and accountability.

  13. Will July 6, 2024

    The delays show there’s probably something fishy. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    • Cassandra July 6, 2024

      Or it could just be the normal bureaucratic delays. There’s no need to jump to conclusions.

  14. Jenna July 6, 2024

    This mess is exactly why so many people are disillusioned by politics.

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