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Election Shockwave: Democrat Party Probes Devastating Defeat – Thailand’s Political Landscape Rocked to the Core!

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The Democrat Party has initiated a comprehensive investigation into the reasons behind its significant loss of ground in the recent elections. To accomplish this, the party has assigned each of its 25 elected representatives, unsuccessful candidates, and provincial offices to gather relevant information and insights that could shed light on the factors that contributed to their defeat.

This collected data will then be closely examined and analyzed to identify the causes of the party’s decreased seats across various provinces. Following this analysis, the findings will be submitted to the Democrat Party’s newly appointed executive board for further action and discussion, as announced by Ramet at a press conference held at the party’s Bangkok headquarters.

In the latest elections, the Democrats secured 25 MP seats, with 22 coming from constituencies and the remaining three from the party-list system, based on unofficial data from the Election Commission. This figure is significantly lower than the 53 seats won in the 2019 elections, wherein they gained 33 seats from constituencies and 20 from the party-list system.

Moreover, the party’s performance in the May 14 vote saw them lose ground in their last remaining stronghold – the South. Meanwhile, for the second consecutive election, the Democrats failed to secure a single constituency seat in Bangkok, a city where they have previously held a dominant position.

At the press conference, Ramet also addressed the rumor of the Democrat Party forming a rival coalition to keep both the Move Forward and United Thai Nation parties in the opposition. He dismissed the claims, stating that no party member was involved in any alleged plot tied to a secret meeting at a golf course and added that these baseless reports have damaged the party’s reputation.

Furthermore, Ramet denied any ongoing negotiations between the Democrats and Pheu Thai Party, which recently formed a new coalition with the election winner, Move Forward. He clarified that any possible agreement between the Democrats and other parties must receive the approval of the party’s executive board.

He emphasized that the nomination of a new House speaker is a decision that should be made by the political parties involved in forming a new coalition government, and not the responsibility of the Democrat Party.

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