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Electricity Cost Dropped Sky High! New Crisis or Lifesaver for Thai Residents? Unseen Details Disclosed!

In a remarkable move towards budget-friendly energy consumption for consumers in Thailand, the national cabinet has endorsed a new proposal made by the Energy Ministry. Upon being given the nod of approval, the ministry, under the guidance of Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Pirapan Salirathavibhaga, took the initiative to slash electricity tariffs from a charging rate of 4.10 baht per unit to a lowered rate of 3.99 baht. Government spokesperson, Chai Watcharong, confirmed this decision after a recent cabinet meeting.

Furthermore, the wheels of this initiative had been set into motion during a cabinet meeting held on the 13th of September. The decision taken then was to mark down the power tariff from 4.45 baht per unit to 4.10 baht per unit, beginning from the subsequent billing cycle. This step was seen as a strategic one to alleviate the financial burden of the consumers in the light of the rising cost of living.

Following this, the incumbent Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin tasked Mr. Pirapan with the assignment of developing efficient and expedited strategies and policies to bring down electricity bills and overall energy prices. Upon collaboration and subsequent dialogues with the Energy Regulatory Commission, it was reported to the cabinet that a further reduction in the electricity price was feasible, bringing it down to 3.99 baht per unit, effective from the same billing cycle.

While further details about the plan are yet to be disclosed, Mr. Srettha has assured his government’s commitment towards adopting policies in the upcoming cabinet meeting that could provide additional relief to the populace. Particularly, schemes targeted to support motorists grappling with heavy car installment payments are expected to be deliberated.

At an event named “Future Perfect”, held under the purview of the Thairath Forum 2023, Mr. Srettha declared that the government was persistent in its efforts to devise novel measures to ease the cost of living. He specifically hinted towards a possible decrease in petrol prices for the benefit of low-income earners. Adding to this, he mentioned that the current electricity cost had been dropped to 4.19 baht per unit, a marked improvement from the earlier 4.25 baht, as per the demand by industries. The prime minister hopes to see this value go even further south, eventually breaking the 4 baht per unit threshold.

In addition, Mr. Srettha elaborates on the government’s ambitious new project of the 10,000-baht digital wallet. It’s reported to be launched in the first quarter of the upcoming year. Arrangements for acquiring the necessary funds for this initiative, expected to be clarified within the span of the next ten days. The digital wallet scheme, a key election pitch of the ruling Pheu Thai Party, is anticipated to necessitate a budget allocation of approximately 560 billion baht.

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