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Emirates is hiring flight attendants in Thailand

Emirates will hold a hiring event in Bangkok on August 20 to locate new members of the cabin crew. Currently, there are 21 weekly flights from Bangkok to Dubai and 7 weekly flights from Phuket to Dubai. Emirates has been running flights to Thailand for 32 years.

Candidates must fill out an online application and are only allowed to attend if they receive an invitation for the “invite only” assessment day. At the moment, 160 nations are served by the global workforce of cabin crews in more than 130 locations on six continents. Many travelers keep traveling and board more Emirates planes all around the world.

To qualify for Emirates cabin crew, you must meet these requirements. A high school diploma (Grade 12) and at least one year in hospitality or customer service are requirements. At the time of application, you must also be at least 21 years old, at least 160 centimeters tall, and capable of reaching 212 centimeters. Additionally, you must be able to apply for a UAE visa, be able to move to Dubai, and speak and write English with ease. You cannot wear an Emirates uniform if you have any tattoos that are clearly visible. Another benefit of working for Emirates is the ability for friends and family to travel at reduced rates. Successful candidates who are invited to the Emirates recruitment event on August 20 should be prepared to spend all day.

All Emirates crews are based in Dubai, the country’s capital. Applications from people all over the world are accepted by the airline. Cabin crew members receive benefits from the airline that are unusual for airline employees, such as a tax-free salary, free lodging, free transportation to and from work, excellent medical insurance, and discounts on activities and shopping in Dubai.

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