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Energy Minister Bombshell: Move Forward Party to Break Monopoly Control? Democracy Revolution Unleashed!

The forthcoming energy minister should ideally be sourced from the Move Forward party, according to Korn, a key party leader. This would better equip the minister to manage the corporations holding a monopoly over the country’s energy sector. Korn reminded that the Move Forward party previously pledged to challenge monopolies during their election campaign.

“If Move Forward is successful in implementing its policies, the nation will reap the benefits,” Korn stated. He further emphasized that, should their policies fall short, improved ones could be devised as an alternative. Korn mentioned that his party concurs with Move Forward on several of their policies, especially those relating to the economy and energy.

Nevertheless, Korn holds a dissenting view regarding any amendments to the lese majeste law, maintaining that the law is indispensable to Thai society. While Move Forward expressed intentions to modify the law, Korn proposed establishing a committee that can sift through and eliminate any unwarranted alterations made to Article 112.

During the tenure of Abhisit Vejjajiva, a previous leader of the Democrats who served as Prime Minister, an equivalent committee had been formed. At that time, Korn acted as the finance minister.

In Korn’s opinion, the party with the highest number of MP seats should be entrusted with forming the government coalition, as this reflects the true voice of the people and authentic democracy.

However, the Chart Pattana Kla Party experienced a resounding defeat in the May 14 election, securing a mere one out of the 500 available seats.

Even in the party’s stronghold, Nakhon Ratchasima province, its performance was lackluster at best.

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