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Ex-PM’s Family Dilemma: Thaksin’s Shocking Return Plan Faces Pressure to Delay – The Fate of Thai Politics!

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The Shinawatra family has reportedly urged former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, currently a fugitive, to postpone his return from exile to Thailand. In the days leading up to the May 14 general election, Thaksin expressed his desire to return home before July 26, his 74th birthday, in order to care for his grandchildren. The subject of his return was discussed during a recent family gathering in Bangkok, which included Thaksin’s ex-wife, Khunying Potjaman Na Pombejra, and his daughters, Pintongta and Paetongtarn.

According to an insider, Thaksin is eager to come home, but the family prefers that he delay his plans until the formation of the coalition government. The family is also concerned that it is too early for Paetongtarn to pursue the role of prime minister, suggesting that she should wait five years. The insider shared that the family believes Paetongtarn, currently 37 years old, lacks the political experience to handle the situation and that there are other suitable candidates such as Srettha Thavisin and Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat.

“She is young and doesn’t have much experience. She entered politics because she wants to strengthen Pheu Thai. It’s better for her to take it step by step. She also told her father she has yet to gain more experience, and he gets it,” the source explained.

Earlier this week, Paetongtarn informed the media that Thaksin intends to return to Thailand in July, but that he will consider various factors before determining an exact date. She added that Thaksin will face justice regardless of the government’s power at the time.

Thaksin was ousted in a military coup on September 19, 2006, while he was abroad. Since then, he has lived in self-imposed exile, with the exception of a short visit to Thailand in 2008. For 17 years, Thaksin has claimed that he will eventually return, with 18 recorded instances of him discussing his homecoming.

On May 1, Thaksin tweeted about the birth of his latest grandchild, noting that all seven were born after he left Thailand. He later tweeted on May 9 that he was determined to “return home by July before my (74th) birthday to care for my grandchildren.” During his absence, the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions has sentenced Thaksin to a combined 12 years imprisonment in four separate cases, which include abuse of power, malfeasance, and using nominees to hold shares in his family’s company, Shin Corp.

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