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Explore Unseen Thailand: Grab & TAT’s Exciting ‘Eat Pray Shop’ Adventure Awaits

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Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey as Grab Thailand, in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), unveils a campaign that’s about to turn the spotlight on the awe-inspiring beauty of “Unseen Thailand”. Immerse yourself in the electrifying “Eat Pray Shop” concept, which is not just a tagline but an invitation to explore the soul of Thailand like never before. This thrilling adventure runs from April 1st to June 30th, promising not only breathtaking experiences but also a treasure trove of discounts and sweepstakes that could enrich your travel tales with prizes worth over a whopping THB 35 million!

Chantsuda Thananitayaudom, the visionary Senior Director of Commercial and Marketing at Grab Thailand, shares, “As an indispensable ally of the TAT, we’re on a relentless quest to amplify the allure of Thai tourism. By elevating our transportation services to a hallmark of quality, safety, and comfort, we’re making every corner of Thailand, especially the burgeoning second-tier cities, more accessible. These hidden gems have recently seen a staggering 50% growth in rides across 31 provinces, a testament to their rising popularity and the wanderlust they inspire.”

The spotlight intensifies with the launch of the “Amazing Thailand, Travel with Grab” campaign. Imagine a canvas where the colors of culture, nature, and adventure blend to paint a picture of Thailand’s unseen treasures. This campaign is not just about discovering hidden gems; it’s an invitation to be part of a story where every turn is a new chapter and every destination holds a secret waiting to be unveiled. And with enticing sweepstakes woven into the journey, the thrill of exploration has never been more rewarding.

So, what’s in store for the intrepid traveler? A double dose of excitement awaits:

  • Unveiling Thailand’s Hidden Gems: Dive deep into the heart of Thailand with “Amazing Thailand, Travel with Grab The Series”. This is where the magic happens, as three legendary travel influencers — Chinoros ‘Non’ Duangrat, Panipat ‘Bas’ Sukanlayaruk, and the enigmatic crew behind the Sneak Out channel — use their unique perspectives to guide you through unseen attractions, gastronomic delights, spiritual havens, and unique shopping experiences. Under the enchanting “Eat Pray Shop” theme, every episode is a doorway to new discoveries, infused with the authentic essence of Thai culture.
  • To make this journey even more accessible, Grab is rolling out a red carpet of discounts for new adventurers. By entering the magical promo code “NEW AMAZING”, newcomers are welcomed with up to THB 100 off their first ride, unveiling a realm where every ride is a step closer to discovery, with a total giveaway of over THB 8 million in discounts.
  • Exploring Secondary Cities with Grab and Winning an Exclusive Trip: The adventure escalates with a special promo code “AMAZING”, unlocking up to THB 100 off rides across 31 enchanting secondary cities. With a total discount value of THB 27 million, the journey through these hidden treasures becomes even more enticing. But hold your breath, for the grand prize is a dreamlike escape — a 3-day, 2-night round-trip flight for two to the mesmerizing Nan province. Picture yourself indulging in the serene luxury of Patamma Hideaway Resort, or perhaps wearing one of the 10 gleaming gold necklaces, listening through brand new AirPods (3rd Gen), or spending with one of the 50 GrabGift cards valued at THB 1,000 each. With prizes worth over THB 300,000, every ride might just be your ticket to paradise.

So, why wait? The enchanting lands of Thailand are calling. It’s time to embark on an “Amazing Thailand, Travel with Grab” journey, a path less traveled that leads to uncharted territories, mouth-watering flavors, profound peace, and unique treasures. Grab this chance to experience the untold wonders of Thailand, where every journey promises not just a destination, but a story waiting to unfold. Adventure is out there, and it beckons with open arms. Are you ready to answer the call?


  1. TravelJunkie101 April 3, 2024

    This campaign seems like a brilliant way to promote tourism in Thailand! Excited to see more of ‘Unseen Thailand’ with the Eat Pray Shop theme. It’s a smart move by Grab and TAT.

    • LocalAdvocate April 3, 2024

      I’m not so sure, feels like it’s turning authentic experiences into cliches. Eat Pray Love movie vibes anyone? How much of this is for the locals and how much is actually for tourists’ consumption?

      • TravelJunkie101 April 3, 2024

        I get your point, but isn’t it a way to open up hidden gems to the world? Plus, it supports local economies in those second-tier cities. It’s a win-win, in my opinion.

      • EcoWarrior April 3, 2024

        But what about the environmental impact? These ‘hidden gems’ are at risk of becoming overcrowded and losing their uniqueness. Tourism needs to be sustainable.

    • CouponQueen April 3, 2024

      Discounts and sweepstakes?! Count me in! This is the perfect excuse for a getaway. Can’t wait to use that promo code.

  2. TechieTraveller April 3, 2024

    Using an app like Grab to explore more of Thailand is such a 21st-century approach to travel. It’s convenient but doesn’t it take away from the spontaneity of discovering places on your own?

    • NomadicNeal April 3, 2024

      Not really, if you think about it. It just makes it easier to get to these places. What you do once you’re there can still be spontaneous. Plus, having a local guide through the app can open up experiences you might not find on your own.

  3. CultureVulture April 3, 2024

    The ‘Eat Pray Shop’ theme feels like it’s trivializing the culture of Thailand into just eating, religious tourism, and shopping. There’s so much more to Thai culture. I hope this campaign doesn’t overshadow the rich history and traditions.

    • BackpackerBecky April 3, 2024

      While I understand where you’re coming from, I think any initiative that brings attention to lesser-known areas is good. Plus, it’s up to the traveler to seek out the depth of culture beyond just the surface-level activities.

  4. EconomicAnalyst April 3, 2024

    Interesting move by Grab and the TAT. This could significantly boost local economies, especially in the second-tier cities mentioned. It’s a strategic way to distribute tourism benefits more evenly across the country.

  5. BargainHunter April 3, 2024

    Just here for the discounts and prizes. THB 35 million in prizes is no joke! Any tips on maximizing chances of winning? 🤑

  6. SkepticalSam April 3, 2024

    All this sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch? There’s always a catch with these kinds of campaigns.

    • OptimisticOlivia April 3, 2024

      Why does there have to be a catch? Maybe it’s just a cool campaign aimed at boosting tourism. Sometimes things can just be good!

    • RealistRay April 3, 2024

      There’s always terms and conditions. The cost of travel, accommodations, and whatever is not covered by the discounts could add up. They’re banking on people spending more than they save.

  7. FrequentFlyer April 3, 2024

    Traveled to Thailand last year and used Grab – it was super efficient. This partnership makes me excited for another visit. Those hidden gems won’t explore themselves!

  8. LocalTreasure April 3, 2024

    As someone living in one of these ‘second-tier’ cities, I’m both excited and worried. It’s great for business, but I hope our community can handle the influx of tourists without losing our essence.

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