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Explosive Scandal! Renowned Stockbroker Accused of Massive Foreign-Exchange Fraud – Victims Stunned as Estimates Soar to 1 Billion Baht!

It appears a renowned stockbroker, whose identity remains undisclosed, has been brought into the limelight for the wrong reasons. Approximately 100 individuals have collectively accused him of orchestrating a foreign-exchange trading fraud, leading to losses to the tune of one billion baht. Fearing possible meddling owing to the stockbroker’s political influences, these individuals have sought the intervention of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

Ronnarong Kaewphet, an attorney, asserted himself as the voice of the victims, guiding them to lodge a formal complaint against the accused with DSI chief Suriya Singhakamol. Commenting on the alleged swindler’s political connections, Ronnarong highlighted the instances when the accused was photographed rubbing shoulders with illustrious personalities, including a minister from a prominent political party. Such associations seemingly boosted the confidence of potential investors raising their comfort level to invest with him.

Acknowledging the magnitude of the complaint, given the fact that damages approximated to over 100 million baht, the DSI agreed to treat it as a special case. Arunsri Wichawut, Director of the Special Case Management Bureau, disclosed that the total number of victims also exceeded 100. She further announced that open forums will be set on the DSI website for lodging additional complaints, following which dates will be scheduled for taking statements and acceptance of evidential documents.

As per the victims’ representative, who wished to remain anonymous, the accused stockbroker, who is also a PhD, leveraged his teachings of Dhamma to inspire individuals to take up currency trading. He additionally claimed to provide access to advanced predictive tools capable of forecasting foreign exchange rates. As a consequence of Covid-19, a growing number of people finding their income shrinking looked at this opportunity as a silver lining. They decided to put their faith in the broker’s reputation and credibility, while some even resorted to selling properties and mortgaging land titles to raise capital for forex trading. However, as the representative asserted, all of them were tricked. He further disclosed that the deceit led some victims to ponder suicide.

A recent image went viral showing the alleged stockbroker enjoying his usual routine, which included having dinner with a cabinet minister. This raised questions regarding his prevailing normal lifestyle despite the heavy accusations weighing against him. The representative ended his statement by calling the DSI into action to unearth the accused’s concealed assets and seize them in order to remunerate the victims.

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