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Explosive Update: Thaksin’s Health Crisis Escalates – Stunning Revelations Add Fuel to Thailand’s Political Inferno!

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Amidst rising concerns, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, daughter to Thaksin Shinawatra, affirmed on Tuesday that her father will remain at the Police General Hospital as opposed to being transferred to a private facility. Her stated concerns revolved around her father’s heart condition. On a separate front, a political petitioner signaled intentions to approach the Ombudsman asking for details about the seriousness of Thaksin’s alleged medical condition in consideration of his hospital stay instead of detention.

In a recent visit to Thaksin at the Police Hospital, Ms. Paetongtarn expressed worries over her father’s tiredness and physical exhaustion, though he could still engage in conversations. “My major concern centers on his heart health. Yes, he does have a lung condition, but it’s historical and shouldn’t be cause for immediate alarm.”, Ms. Paetongtarn stated empathetically. She added that her father had been continually exhausted following his return to Thailand.

Ms. Paetongtarn revealed that news of her father’s transfer to the Police General Hospital arrived simultaneously for the family and reporters. Previous hospitalization due to Covid-19 marked him as the hospital stay included nine days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with reverbations of the disease still detectable in his lungs.

Addressing queries about her father’s mental well-being, she affirmed that he was elated at seeing her and continued to possess a firm moral. She referenced the noticeable impact the recent adjustments have rendered on his health. Emphasizing the decision for his continued stay at the Police General Hospital, she dismissed any speculation about a move to a private habitat.

Concerning discussions on the duration of Thaksin’s stay in the hospital, Ms. Paetongtarn confessed to grappling with uncertainties as there were “numerous factors”. “In emergencies, it’s a must – given his advanced age.”, she added.

Responding to allegations of preferential treatment being given to her father, Ms. Paetongtarn brushed them aside, choosing instead to focus on his health state and public concern about his well-being. She negated the claims of her father being in a VIP room at the hospital.

Deviating to a hypothetical royal pardon request, she stated it would be entirely her father’s decision and the family would stand by whatever he decided. The Department of Corrections, referencing Thaksin’s medical history, cited four serious afflictions – heart and lung diseases, hypertension, and a herniated lumbar disc.

Srisuwan Janya, a political petitioner, informed that he will approach the Ombudsman seeking verification about Thaksin’s health condition and the legitimacy of his stay at the Police General Hospital instead of detention.

15 years after voluntary exile, Thaksin made his return to Thailand on August 22. Legal tangles had the Supreme Court ordering his imprisonment for eight years. Considering his ill health, he was transferred to the Police General Hospital from the Bangkok Remand Prison. The hospital management denied any undue favors extended to Thaksin during his stay.

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