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Exposed! Dark Secrets of the Thai Political Conspiracy Unveiled: Will This Be the Downfall of Them All?

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One of the most influential figures in present-day Thai politics, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit – the spearhead of the Progressive Movement and bold ally of the Move Forward Party (MFP) faced the media at the Thai Summit Tower on the 21st of January, 2021. His words at the press conference were in response to insinuations and queries aimed at shedding doubt on his negotiations with Thaksin Shinawatra, the unspoken head of the Pheu Thai Party. This intriguing speculation made rounds as lawyer and academic from Chiang Mai University, Assoc Prof Somchai Preechasinlapakun, called Thanathorn out on his silence.

Assoc Prof Somchai, a proud MFP ticket bearer of the May 14 general election, provoked Thanathorn’s silence on this critical question. His adamant lack of transparency does no good for the MFP’s credibility. He believes Thanathorn owes the ever-growing MFP supporter-base a comprehensive disclosure. He argued, “As a Thai citizen, the drama of secret political negotiations gives me a headache. A political evolution in the clear light of day is everyone’s right to witness.”

A confidential source from the Pheu Thai Party leaked an uncovered a political agreement, aiming to forge a new governing body. The deal was allegedly hatched in Hong Kong between Thanathorn and Thaksin, the latter promising to return from a self-imposed, two-decade-long exile on August 10. Assoc Prof Somchai sparked the debate, insisting Thanathorn to confirm or deny his travel to Hong Kong and potential involvement in negotiations if it’s true.

MFP list-MP, Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, aired his thoughts about the Hong Kong deal through Twitter. He pronounced nonchalance about the authenticity of the alleged deal. He tweeted, “Even if I discover that I’ve been deceived and have lost everything, My dignity and honesty will still keep me going.”

Rangsiman Rome, another esteemed list-MP fron the MFP, chose to abstain from discussion on this potential controversy, noting Thanathorn holds no certified post within the MFP.

Joining the conversation, Attachak Satayanuruk, a historian from Chiang Mai University, offered his perception. He sees Thaksin’s announced return as a negotiated maneuver between him, Pheu Thai and what he cryptically defined as ‘the ruling class.’ He believes these factions are fostering an alliance triggered by their shared apprehensions concerning the MFP’s transformative political agenda. As part of the agreement, Thaksin will try to fragment Pheu Thai and MFP supporters to thwart the momentum of the MFP’s reformist movement, said Mr. Attachak.

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