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Exposed: VIP Bus Nightmare Sparks Outrage! Is TCL to Blame or is Another Player Behind This Scandal?

In the wake of mounting passenger dissatisfaction over the quality of service on its VIP buses, Dr Sanlak Panuwatli, the esteemed Managing Director of the transport industry heavyweight Transport Company Limited (TCL), stepped up to address the matters of concern openly. The issues initially came to light via the popular social networking platform, Facebook, on a page known for its no-hold-barred discussions, อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 6. The page served as a platform for discontented passengers to share pictures and narrate their disappointing experiences aboard what they perceived as TCL’s subpar VIP buses.

In response, TCL performed a thorough inquiry into the incidents outlined by passengers. The revelations were intriguing. It turned out the mentioned bus service was not exclusively operated by TCL; instead, the service was a joint venture with another transportation company, Thai Sanguan Limited. The bus in question was a part of a routine M.1P service line that covered the Bangkok-Mukdahan route.

Always eager to maintain high quality customer service, TCL immediately sprang into action upon comprehending the depth of the problem. The bus service was temporarily halted to facilitate necessary upgrades until the vehicle was brought up to the acceptable standard. Furthermore, Thai Sanguan Limited, the business in question, faced repercussions for its negligence. TCL held the company accountable for violating contractual agreements by utilizing a bus unfit for the allocated service. This transgression had significantly stained TCL’s otherwise spotless reputation, and hence they were fined 10,000 baht (equivalent to US$270), payable the following day, as reported by Sanook.

TCL extended its gratitude to the vigilant passengers who highlighted the issue. The company vowed to tighten its enforcement of rules and regulations concerning its shared service operators to ensure a seamless passenger experience. TCL also emphasized the various channels through which passengers can report substandard services or any other issues faced during their journey. Channels include TCL’s Call Centre at 1490, the Passenger Protection Division at 02 537 8443 and 02 936 2843, and the Department of Land Transport at 1584.

Earlier in June, another incident involving a bus driver of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority sparked a public furor. The driver photographed himself holding an umbrella while driving, aiming to shield himself from the rain. The photo, uploaded on Facebook to highlight his struggle with a rickety bus in dire need of repair, unsurprisingly went viral. The snapshot found its way onto the Facebook page รถเมล์ไทยแฟนคลับ, known popularly as Rotmaethai or ‘public bus fans,’ a forum dedicated to sharing updates, trivia, and other helpful news concerning Thai public buses.

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