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Following floods, authorities are attempting to stop Phuket’s shoreline erosion

The vice governor of Phuket, Amnuay Pinsuwan, allegedly received permission to look into alternative solutions from Governor Narong. One area where officials are particularly concerned is Sai Kaew Beach. The meeting took place in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s main office in Phuket’s commercial district. The beach was significantly impacted by the king tide and storms that hit Phuket last month. Another location of concern is Mai Khao Beach. Amnuay claims that this is done so that authorities can stay updated on the issue. In the meanwhile, the Phuket Highways Office will evaluate the condition of the roads. There were also officials from Mai Khao Tambon, Phuket Province, and Thalang District administrative groups. He said that although 160 meters saw significant erosion, 5.79 kilometers only saw mild erosion. According to Amnuay, the first 2.3 kilometers experienced negligible erosion.
Officials from Phuket convened a conference yesterday to discuss how coastal erosion is hurting the island province in light of the significant floods being brought on by stormy weather. Now that the coastline erosion conditions in each local government organization’s authority have been surveyed, the Phuket Office of Natural Resources and Environment has been given more instructions. Amnuay informed authorities that 8.3 kilometers of Phuket’s shoreline will be affected by coastal erosion in 2020. Attending the session were officers from Sirinath National Park and representatives from other departments.

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