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For Malaysia Day, take the “Sawadee Special” train from KL to Hat Yai

Nevertheless, the majority of the passengers were vacationers taking advantage of the long weekend. In order to visit Hat Yai, Songkhla, and the other southern regions, Malaysians frequently make brief trips into Thailand. The new routes and bridge will make travel for Malaysians much simpler. The “Sawadee Special,” which leaves Hat Yai at 11.30 am and returns to Kuala Lumpur shortly after midnight, will bring people who were transported to Thailand on Thursday night back in time for work on Monday. The Malaysian three-day weekend and a gathering of officials from the Ministry of Public Health that fell on the weekend were both fully booked through Sunday, according to the chairman of the Hat Yai Songkhla Hotels Association. The packed train cars gave the nearby hotels a much-needed boost. The train is special. We would like to see dependable service. That would be advantageous since it would give train travelers a useful way to go to Hat Yai. On Friday, the “Sawadee Special” train, which runs directly from Kuala Lumpur to the southern Thai city of Hat Yai, gave the hotel industry hope for future direct rail service. He believes that making the “Sawadee Special” a regular service train would help the local economy. A new bridge and numerous additional train routes have been proposed for Malaysian tourists entering Thailand. Malaysian travelers surpassed Chinese tourists in July to earn the top rank among foreign visitors to the monarchy, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Malaysia’s train company, KTM Bhd, offered the special route as part of a campaign to recognize Malaysia Day, a national holiday celebrated on September 16. According to an official count, Thai officials acknowledged 402 arrivals in Hat Yai despite the “Sawadee Special” train operator reporting 386 passengers. The direct service, which saved customers from having to get off a Malaysian train, walk across the border at Padang Besar, and then take a Thai train a short distance to Hat Yai, was praised by the chairman. Between Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai, a distance of 440 kilometers, the “Sawadee Special” ran a 12-car train. On Thursday at 10.10 p.m., it departed from KL Sentral, the main train station in the Malaysian capital, and arrived in Songkhla at 8.30 a.m.

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