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Forex Scheme Exposed: Thailand’s Beloved Influencer ‘Nutty’s Diary’ Dupes Fans Out of 2 Billion Baht! Shocking Revelation & Promise to Repay Victims!

Popular YouTuber, Nutty’s Diary, embroiled in a controversial investment fraud to the tune of over 2 billion baht, has declared her readiness to turn herself in to the law enforcement authorities. She also voiced out plans to pay back the victims of the scandal. The case, which already has upwards of 30 accusers and an arrest warrant issued on September 10, stemmed from accusations of Nutty’s fictitious Forex trading venture.

On her YouTube channel, Nutty, 29, often posed as a seasoned Forex trader to her mighty 800,000-strong audience, urging them to plunge into the world of Forex investment. Nattamon “Nutty” Khongchak is alleged to have duped over 6,000 victims. Following the finger-pointing and scandalizing, the influencer hastily disappeared from Thailand. At present, she stands accused of parting victims with a whopping 2 billion baht from the phony Forex scheme.

Just a while ago, Nutty’s Diary came out with an update on her private Instagram account. According to the update, she thanked those who have withdrawn their complaints and assured them of her relentless fight. On the financial return process, the influencer said, “09/09/2023… Kudos to all who have already withdrawn their complaints against Nut. Very much appreciated. Keep fighting… I am bent on refunding everyone… Keep up the fight, Nut!!!”

The update came with an explanatory image that sheds light on the current situation, justifying Nutty’s actions, while extending promises of a refund to every person affected. In one part of the image text, it read, “#Nutty’sMillionTradeFraud #CaseDepositedTradeFraud. The problem trails off from Nut’s violation of the broker IQ Option policy (which didn’t exist before). The recently introduced rule, ‘no accepting others’ money for trading’, led to Nut’s account being blocked. We admit mistake on this part. The problem here is that those who deposited for trading wired money directly to Nut’s account. It’s important to state here that we’ll bear the full responsibility. Despite the risks associated with investing, trusting in Nut’s assurance of safeguarding the capital, Nut has to be held accountable as promised. At present, we are vigorously refunding the 6,000+ depositors. As it stands, there are 3,364 victims left.”

In the Instagram post, Nutty embraced responsibility for her actions. She pledged to settle each of the more than 6,000 victims who had wired her money. Nutty claimed that almost 3,000 people have already been reimbursed and she possesses evidence for every refund slip. Furthermore, she vowed to surrender to law enforcement authorities after all financial refunds have been made, “I will inevitably surrender to the police. Just allow me first to gather as many refund slips as possible. I will definitely turn myself in, so there is no need for worry.”

Despite Nutty’s claims of planned restitution, multiple victims have taken to the Instagram post crying foul over not receiving a refund from Nutty’s Diary. Get more exciting stories by following the latest updates on The Thiagair’s newly launched Facebook page HERE.

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