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From a Quiet Retreat to a Brutal Beating: A Thai Woman’s Hotel Horror Story Will Send Chills Down Your Spine – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

In the thriving province of Parum Thani, clinging to the edges of the vibrant city of Bangkok, a Thai woman named Nattarika, found herself in the midst of an unnerving altercation at a local hotel. A youthful 26-year-old, Nattarika was forced to seek assistance from the renowned non-profit Saimai Survive following her unsettling encounter at the hotel located on the bustling Soi Rungsit-Nakhon Nayok 20, in the heart of Thanya Buri district.

Although Nattarika’s dwelling was just a stone’s throw away from the hotel, she grappled with familial conflict at home and opted for a temporary sojourn at the hotel. She had booked the room for an initial overnight stay on Wednesday, September 20th, with a promise to pay the fee after her stay ended, but life had other plans.

The next day, Nattarika intended to extend her stay and make the payment but fate dealt a harsh blow with her phone breaking down. Still, displaying incredible adaptability, Nattarika shared her predicament with a morning-shift hotel employee. They accepted her explanation and her request for an extension with equanimous understanding.

However, as the evening hues started setting in, and a different shift of hotel staff took over, the empathetic aura faded away. An irked night shift workers reached out to Nattarika via the LINE application, aggressively demanding immediate payment. Still, undeterred, Nattarika expressed her readiness to pay the fine for late payment and the upward course her day had taken seemed to deflate.

The discord reached a fever pitch at 7 pm when the perturbed hotel staff knocked on her door demanding her to vacate the premises. Left with no option, Nattarika decided to wait it out in the lobby until she could successfully transfer the funds. She transferred the payment and sent a receipt via LINE to the hotel, but unfortunately, the communication fell on deaf ears.

After her countless failed attempts at contacting the unresponsive worker, the situation escalated into a heated debate and descended into a physical onslaught. The disturbing instance unfolded in front of two other employees – a male usher and a female manager – who refrained from intervening.

Adding salt to Nattarika’s already stinging wounds, her request to meet the hotel’s owner hit a dead end when the manager curtly denied, ensuring that no apologies were extended to her. This troubling incident led Nattarika, a professional party entertainer, to pause her work to heal the physical traumas which in turn led to a significant financial hit.

Shrouded in scars and indignation, Nattarika decided to take a stand against the unjust treatment. She declared her intentions to file an official complaint against her malefactor and the seemingly complicit hotel. Nattarika lodged her complaint at the Pratunam Chulalongkorn Police Station and as per the recent updates, the progress of the case remains unnervingly stagnant.

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