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From Badminton Champion to Con Artist: The Surprising Downfall of Supakit ‘Golf Flintstone’ Jandara

In what reads almost like the plot of a quirky, yet disheartening movie, former badminton sensation Supakit “Golf Flintstone” Jandara found himself caught in the net of law enforcement, but not for smashing birdies across the court. In a twist that left fans and netizens both bewildered and entertained, this once top-three national player swung his racquet in a direction that no one saw coming – right into the realm of online scams and petty theft.

Imagine this: a top athlete, with the wind of youth and success at his back, suddenly veering off course. That’s exactly what happened with Supakit Jandara, 27, a name that once echoed in badminton halls, now whispered in less admirable circles. His latest match, however, was played out in the less glamorous courts of the internet and the real world, on a playground far from the badminton courts where he once shined.

Caught in the act at an internet café nestled in the bustling district of Din Daeng, Bangkok, on a serene Saturday morning, Jandara’s game had taken a turn for the unexpected. It appeared that the faded star, affectionately known to his fans as “Golf Flintstone”, had traded his badminton shuttles for a life of romance scams and petty thievery. His opponent this time? A woman he matched with on a dating app, little did she know that she was swiping right into a web of deceit.

The drama unfolded further as it was revealed that this former athlete, whose life seemed like a shuttlecock flying high, was now spiraling out of control. Facing a larceny warrant issued from the quiet town of Buri Ram – where his unsuspecting victim resided – Supakit admitted to his theatrical fall from grace. The plot thickened as he confessed his descent had begun after dropping out of university and witnessing the collapse of his sporting goods venture, a venture perhaps as ill-fated as his badminton career.

In a narrative that intertwined love, deception, and the desperation of fallen stardom, Supakit recounted his clandestine venture to Buri Ram in December. With the stage set on December 23rd, our anti-hero executed his ill-conceived plan, pilfering the woman’s iPad and fencing it for a meager 8,000 baht. Yet, the grand slam of his thievery was the theft of her GPX motorcycle, which he sold off for a modest 10,000 baht.

Fleeing to Bangkok once the winds of justice began to howl, Supakit sought refuge in the virtual world, gambling away his ill-gotten gains in an internet café that became both his hideout and home base. But like any antagonist in a gripping tale, his past was quickly catching up with him. The Blacklistseller website became the digital billboard for his notoriety, alerting the online realm to his misdemeanors with two stark warnings against his name.

In a world where victory and loss are often determined by the swiftness of a racket swing or the agility of a strategic move, Supakit “Golf Flintstone” Jandara’s story serves as a cautionary tale. It’s a reminder of how the brightest of stars can fall from grace, transforming from national heroes into characters of a far less noble narrative. Yet, in the eclectic and ever-surprising drama of life, it’s also a tale of choices, reminding us that behind every swipe, every online interaction, and every deal, there’s a story waiting to unfold, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.


  1. BadmintonFan101 February 3, 2024

    It’s sad to see how far Supakit has fallen. He was once a hero in the badminton community. I wonder if there was any way this could have been prevented?

    • EconMajor98 February 3, 2024

      This is what happens when society puts too much pressure on athletes to perform. We don’t provide them with the skills or support for life outside their sport.

      • SportySpice123 February 3, 2024

        I somewhat disagree. While athletes do face immense pressure, it’s also about personal choices. Supakit chose this path, which many others would not have.

    • BadmintonFan101 February 3, 2024

      True, it’s about personal responsibility at the end of the day. Still, can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

  2. JusticeWarrior February 3, 2024

    The real victim here is the woman he scammed. People are focusing too much on Supakit’s fall from grace and not enough on the damage he’s done.

    • EmpatheticSoul February 3, 2024

      Exactly my thoughts! It’s important to remember the individuals who suffered because of his actions.

      • RealistRay February 3, 2024

        While I sympathize with the victims, it’s also crucial to understand the circumstances that led to these actions. Desperation can lead people down dark paths.

  3. CyberSecurityGuru February 3, 2024

    It’s alarming how he used dating apps and the internet as tools for his schemes. It’s a wake-up call for everyone to be more cautious online.

  4. SilverLining February 3, 2024

    Is there a chance for redemption for Supakit? People make mistakes, and sometimes they can change for the better.

    • Skeptic101 February 3, 2024

      Redemption is a tricky thing. It requires genuine effort and remorse. Does Supakit have it in him, especially after such elaborate schemes?

      • HopefulHeart February 3, 2024

        Everyone deserves a second chance. With the right guidance and support, he can turn his life around.

  5. grower134 February 3, 2024

    What shocks me is how quickly society is ready to demonize someone who’s already down. He needs help, not condemnation.

    • JusticeWarrior February 3, 2024

      Help is necessary, yes, but so is accountability. He committed serious crimes and should face the consequences.

      • grower134 February 3, 2024

        True, he should face his actions, but society’s role should also be to rehabilitate, not just punish.

  6. BadmintonForever February 3, 2024

    This whole story sounds like a movie plot. You can’t make this stuff up!

  7. FactChecker February 3, 2024

    Are we sure all the details are accurate? Media has a way of sensationalizing these stories.

    • SleuthMaster February 3, 2024

      I double-checked with other sources. Unfortunately, the story checks out. It’s as bizarre and true as it sounds.

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