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Gloyta Nathalang Leads the Charge at the 14th Asia-Pacific Carbon Markets Roundtable in Bangkok

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Welcome to the riveting world of carbon markets, where the future of our planet is shaped through the power of collaboration and innovation. Recently, the crème de la crème of the sustainability realm gathered at the prestigious Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld for an event that was nothing short of groundbreaking. The 14th Asia-Pacific Carbon Markets Roundtable (APCMR) illuminated the bustling city of Bangkok with a beacon of hope for environmental progress. At the heart of this illustrious event was none other than Gloyta Nathalang, a name synonymous with visionary leadership in sustainability.

Gloyta, serving with distinction as the Acting Senior Executive Vice President of Sustainability Management and Corporate Communications at Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, not only chaired the Carbon Markets Club but also led the charge as the Chairperson of the Carbon Markets Subcommittee under the auspices of the Thailand Carbon Neutral Network (TCCN). Her role as both moderator and panellist on the captivating topic of “Public-Private Engagement in Voluntary Carbon Market” set the stage for a dialogue that was as enlightening as it was essential.

Joining her on this panel were luminaries from across the spectrum of Thailand’s carbon market crusade. Worrawat Sriyook brought insights from Mitr Phol Sugar Corporation Limited, melding sweetness with sustainability. Dr. Thanapong Duangmanee shared wisdom from the environmental trenches of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, while Dr. Karin Boonlertvanich from Kasikornbank aired views on financing green dreams. Completing this prestigious panel, Dr. Savanit Boonyasuwat Srilerdfah represented the heartbeat of Thailand’s industrial strides towards a greener future.

This distinguished group of panellists delved deep into their troves of experience, regaling attendees with tales from the frontlines of the carbon market’s evolution in Thailand. They shared insights as diverse as their backgrounds, from the intricacies of carbon credit trading to the pivotal role of networks that bolster the carbon market. Among these were the unofficial Carbon Markets Club, a brainchild of Bangchak Corporation and BCPG, and the more formal Thailand Carbon Neutral Network (TCNN), an initiative by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation.

Their stories of selling, buying, developing carbon credit projects, and enabling the market’s growth painted a vivid portrait of Thailand’s ambitious journey towards carbon neutrality. The audience, a tapestry of about 50 representatives from across the Asia-Pacific and related economies, was spellbound by the possibilities that the future of carbon markets holds.

The 14th APCMR wasn’t just a meeting; it was a melting pot of ideas, facilitated by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation in harmony with the Ministry for the Environment of New Zealand. The goal was crystal clear: forge a common understanding of the current landscape of national carbon credit markets in our vibrant region. The discussions that ensued went beyond assessments and demands; they were a call to arms for supporting the scaffolding of future regional carbon market operations.

Indeed, the APCMR serves as a lighthouse, guiding us through the murky waters of environmental challenges towards a future where public and private engagement in the voluntary carbon market isn’t just a topic of discussion, but a palpable reality. This event, with its trailblazers and thought leaders, reminds us that when it comes to our planet, the sum of our efforts is greater than its parts. And in the bustling halls of the Centara Grand, each participant left with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to chart the course towards a sustainable future for all.


  1. EcoWarrior May 30, 2024

    Intriguing read! Gloyta Nathalang’s leadership at the APCMR is a testament to Thailand’s commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality. It’s time the rest of the world takes a leaf out of their book. Events like these are crucial for fostering international cooperation on climate action.

    • SkepticGuy May 30, 2024

      While it sounds promising, I’m not convinced these conferences change much. It often feels like a lot of talk and minimal action. How many of these discussed projects are actually implemented?

      • EcoWarrior May 30, 2024

        That’s a valid concern. However, raising awareness and networking are key steps towards action. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and conferences like APCMR pave the way for future collaborations and policies.

      • GreenThumb May 30, 2024

        Absolutely agree, @EcoWarrior. It’s about building momentum and creating a platform for dialogue. These events elevate the conversation on carbon markets to global stages.

    • Optimist101 May 30, 2024

      Can’t help but feel hopeful reading about such events. It’s clear that concerted efforts in carbon market development can lead to tangible sustainability achievements. Kudos to Gloyta and her team for steering this ship!

  2. TechJunkie May 30, 2024

    The role of technology in this scenario can’t be understated. Creating and managing carbon credits requires sophisticated tracking and verification systems. It’d be interesting to know how Thailand is leveraging tech in their carbon market initiatives.

    • BlockchainFan May 30, 2024

      Exactly my thought, @TechJunkie. Blockchain could play a huge role in ensuring transparency and reliability in carbon credit transactions. Wonder if they touched on this at the APCMR.

  3. FinanceNerd May 30, 2024

    Dr. Karin Boonlertvanich’s participation caught my eye. The financial aspect of carbon markets is fascinating. Banks playing a role in financing green projects shows a shift in investment trends towards sustainability.

    • EcoInvestor May 30, 2024

      This shift is much needed. It’s refreshing to see financial institutions recognizing the long-term benefits of green investments, not just the immediate returns.

  4. CuriousCat May 30, 2024

    A gathering of 50 reps from across the Asia-Pacific discussing carbon markets is impressive. But I wonder how aligned their goals really are. Will differing national interests make true collaboration difficult?

    • RealistRay May 30, 2024

      That’s always the challenge with international cooperation. Each country has its own agenda. However, the climate crisis is a common enemy, so there’s hope for unity in addressing it.

    • Diplomat_Dan May 30, 2024

      Great point, @CuriousCat. The diversity of economies in the Asia-Pacific means varied capabilities and priorities. The key is finding common ground and mutually beneficial solutions.

  5. FutureIsGreen May 30, 2024

    Events like the APCMR highlight how crucial public-private partnerships are in the fight against climate change. It’s not just about policies; it’s about actionable solutions that benefit both the planet and the economy.

    • SavvySam May 30, 2024

      Couldn’t agree more. These partnerships often lead to innovations that neither sector could achieve on its own. It’s a win-win.

      • FutureIsGreen May 30, 2024

        Exactly! The synergies created by such collaborations can accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies. It’s all about working together for a common cause.

  6. LocalJoe May 30, 2024

    While international focus is great, how are local communities being involved? Often, big talks mean little without grassroots engagement and the inclusion of local voices in these discussions.

    • CommunityVoice May 30, 2024

      So true, @LocalJoe. Sustainability starts at the community level. It’s critical that local populations are equipped and empowered to contribute to carbon neutrality goals.

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