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Greenpeace joins Thai fishermen’s effort to conserve the mackerel

The Canadian group found that unrestrained overfishing has reduced the quantity and value of Thai mackerel. As a result, the market for fish is becoming smaller, the majority are imported, and many claim that their flavor has diminished. Greenpeace joined with 23 coastal provinces to raise awareness about the overfishing, catching, sale, and consumption of mackerel and juvenile fish in Thailand. They have created marine animal nurseries in their communities, made the situation public on social media, and exerted pressure on stores to cease selling juvenile fish. Piya Thedyam, president of the Artisanal Fishermen Network of Prachuap Khiri Khan, stated that more juvenile fish are being caught. This impacts small-scale fishers and consumers across the nation. More costly seafood. Our campaign secures food security for the future.” Stop catching, purchasing, and selling juvenile fish, reads the sign on the bridge. Chanklang Kanthong / Greenpeace According to Piya, their campaign has increased consumer and fishing community awareness, but the government has not restricted fishing for juvenile fish. According to Section 57 of Thailand’s Fisheries Act, no one is permitted to collect or bring little aquatic animals aboard a fishing vessel. Campaigners assert that it has never been done. Fishermen from 23 coastal provinces organized the “Reclaim Mackerel Chili Paste” mission. “Reclaim Mackerel Chili Paste” demonstrates the desire of activists to preserve culture, food security, and natural resources. Local fishing vessels went more than 1,000 kilometers from Pattani province to Bangkok to demand the government implement Section 57 and take corrective action.

One of the protest organizers, Wichoksak Ronnarongpairee, stated that he did not want shellfish to become a “luxury meal” exclusive to the wealthy. Seafood is healthful, but it is difficult to locate. The poor cannot afford it. Only in specific instances is fish allowed. Government action is required to end the issue. We can bring back ocean fish.” Small fishing vessels protesting in front of the British Parliament went viral, bringing attention to the seafood issue. The administration promised to take action, but no action has been taken. The campaigners gave the administration sixty days to formulate a strategy. If not, we will object. Greenpeace is assisting in the conservation of Thai mackerel.

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