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Ground-breaking Air Traffic Revolution! Thailand Braces for Unprecedented Airspace Overhaul – Will Aviation Fuel Consumption Plunge?

As a leading provider of air traffic control services, Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd (Aerothai) is actively preparing for the roll-out of their ambitious metroplex air traffic control plan. This strategic move is designed to streamline the growing volume of air traffic while bolstering safety and efficiency within Thailand’s bustling aviation industry.

Aerothai’s esteemed president, Nopasit Chakpitak, has confirmed that this plan aligns perfectly with the Transport Ministry’s future growth projections for the aviation sector. The initial phase of implementation will see a major overhaul of the route structure and airspace management of three primary airports: Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, and U-tapao.

According to Nopasit, the integration of the metroplex air traffic plan is set to accomplish more than simply furthering efficiency and safety within air navigation. Crucially, it will also contribute towards a reduction in aviation fuel consumption. The restructuring at the aforementioned airports will, in turn, provide numerous benefits to the nation’s aviation industry, a sector that already plays a significant role in driving Thailand’s national economy.

Alongside these changes, Aerothai is focusing heavily on upgrading its current air navigation services and prioritizing structural human resources development. Such efforts ensure that the organization is ideally positioned and fully equipped to implement the transformative air traffic control plan when the time comes.

Nor does Aerothai’s vision end there. Plans are underway to reform routes and revolutionize airspace management to upgrade air traffic control at three key international airports in the southern part of the country. The airports set to undergo these changes are Phuket airport, Krabi airport, in addition to new airports slated for construction in the lower southern region.

Last but not least, Nopasit made it known that the north of Thailand is also included in Aerothai’s ambitious blueprint. Specifically, both Chiang Mai and Lampang Airport are marked as candidates for future implementation of the metroplex air traffic control plan.

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