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Ground-breaking Makeover in Thai Police Force: Hair Regulations Come as a Hair-raising Surprise! Has Policing Taken a Stylish Turn?

In a significant departure from the policing history of Thailand, the national police chief has ushered in new modifications to the police uniform regulations, setting the hair length allowance at 5 centimetres for male officers. This change is a divergence from the usual stringent standards of the 2018 uniform practice code which dictated on-duty men to carry a military-style haircut with completely shaven sides and back.

In this progressive turn, the 2023 uniform practice code provides for male officers to uphold a slightly freer style, allowing the hair on top of their heads to extend up to 5cm long. However, the grooming rules command that hair on the back and sides of the officers’ heads should not surpass 1cm. Expanding the new mandate, Police General Torsak Sukvimol mentioned that male officers working in divisions such as investigation, intelligence, narcotics suppression, or those positioned in high-risk areas, can now seek permission for a trendy high-fade hairstyle. However, the approval must come from a superior officer carrying the rank of superintendent or higher.

Amidst these grooming alterations, it is noteworthy to mention, the interest of female officers has been given equal attention. The protocol alteration demands, female officers with long hair should neatly secure their hair using a black hairpin.

Institutionalisation of these flexible regulations came as a response after Police Lieutenant General Yingyos Thepjamnong, the Chief of Personnel Division, raised this proposal to the Royal Thai Police’s Legal Affairs and Litigation Office. The underlying source circled the news that the Office of Inspector General (OIG) would disseminate this information to senior police officers.

Appearing as a minor modification on the surface, this policy revamp has profound implications for the male officers. They are no longer bound to spend their hard-earned money on a weekly hair trim. This shift is not only expected to bring savings but a sense of identity to the officers. Despite the speculated reasons behind the change, no official reason has been disclosed by the Royal Thai Police, as noted by the Bangkok Post.

Besides, this isn’t the first reform to the Thai police’s uniform. Earlier this year, the Thai police made an attempt to change the uniform of traffic police to reflect the unique roles and responsibilities of certain officers. Check out more details by clicking HERE! For more captivating highlights about Thailand, join our evolving community on our new Facebook page HERE.

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