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Honda Jazz’s Astonishing Stunt Gone Wrong: A Real-Life Action Scene on Nonthaburi Roads

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Imagine cruising along on a sunny Sunday in Nonthaburi, when suddenly, a real-life action movie scene unfolds right before your eyes. This isn’t your average traffic jam story. Oh no, this one’s straight out of a Hollywood stunt show, except it’s all too real and happened just before the clock struck noon. Picture this: a Honda Jazz, not just any car, but a compact beast with ambitions far bigger than its footprint, decides it’s going to be a hero of the tarmac. The stage? None other than the bustling overhead dancefloor above the Phraram 5 roundabout on Nakhon In Road.

Our protagonist, the plucky Honda Jazz, found itself shoulder to shoulder, or bumper to bumper, with two other metal giants – an Isuzu pickup truck and a Mitsubishi van. Both were minding their own business, cruising side-by-side like two peas in a pod. But our Honda had different plans. It wasn’t about to let a little thing like “insufficient space” get in its way. No, sir! It attempted a daring squeeze play, a move so bold, it would make even the most seasoned stunt driver do a double-take.

But as fate would have it, our Jazz’s ambitious overtake was met with a reality check. The space between the pickup truck and the van was unforgivingly narrow, leading to an inevitable clash. The compact car didn’t just tap the rear ends of its larger companions; it went full throttle into an impromptu meet and greet. The impact was nothing short of cinematic. The Jazz, in a moment of sheer defiance against the laws of physics, was catapulted onto the pickup truck, transforming from a car into an impromptu acrobat.

The drama didn’t end there. The van, perhaps startled by the sudden appearance of the Jazz in its rearview mirror, swerved and slammed into the duo, sending our hero car tumbling over the flyover wall. In a breathtaking plunge, the Jazz fell approximately seven meters to the ground below. It was a fall fit for the movies, the kind that leaves the audience gasping, except this wasn’t CGI; it was shockingly real.

Amidst the twisted metal and screeching tires, the 21-year-old driver of the Jazz emerged, shaken but alive. Quick actions from onlookers ensured the young daredevil was whisked away to Vajira Hospital. While the driver’s valor (or recklessness, depending on how you see it) is undeniable, this tale serves as a visceral reminder of the fine line between bravery and folly on the road.

This spectacle was captured in all its jaw-dropping glory in a 12-second-long video clip by FM91 Trafficpro, making its rounds on Facebook and leaving netizens everywhere agog. It’s a story that transcends the ordinary, a stark illustration of when a routine overtake attempts turn into a lesson on the importance of road safety and the unpredictable nature of driving in Nonthaburi.

So, the next time you find yourself behind the wheel, channeling your inner action movie star, remember the tale of the Honda Jazz and the flyover plunge. It’s a gripping saga of ambition, impact, and the gravity of our choices – quite literally. Drive safe, folks, and let’s keep the stunts to the professionals on the silver screen.


  1. Tina May 26, 2024

    This story is insane! Goes to show you never know what’ll happen on the roads. Definitely makes me think twice about trying to squeeze in tight spots on the highway.

    • MaxPower May 26, 2024

      Honestly, roads aren’t a playground. This driver thought they were in a Fast & Furious movie. Lucky to be alive if you ask me.

      • Tina May 26, 2024

        Absolutely, MaxPower. It’s like a real wake-up call to all drivers out there. Safety should always be the priority.

      • SpeedRacer123 May 26, 2024

        I’d say luck had nothing to do with it. Skill that the driver survived. Most people wouldn’t have made it.

    • RoadSafetyAdvocate May 26, 2024

      This is exactly why we need stricter traffic laws and better road education. It’s not just about luck or skill; it’s about preventing these situations in the first place.

  2. gearheadJerry May 26, 2024

    I can’t help but wonder if the car had any modifications. Standard Honda Jazz pulling off a stunt like that sounds a bit off.

    • JennyTech May 26, 2024

      Good point. Modified or not, attempting a stunt like that in traffic is irresponsible. The driver risked not only their own life but everyone’s around them.

  3. actionJackson May 26, 2024

    That’s movie material right there! Can you imagine witnessing that scene live? Wild!

    • RealistRick May 26, 2024

      Wild isn’t the word I’d use. Reckless and dangerous, more like. People need to stop romanticizing this kind of behavior.

  4. Janet May 26, 2024

    So relieved to hear the driver’s okay. Could’ve been much worse. Hopefully, they learn from this.

    • Tommy May 26, 2024

      Learn from it? This should be a wake-up call for everyone. Overconfidence on the road kills.

  5. DavidCritique May 26, 2024

    This incident highlights the need for advanced driving courses. Knowing how to handle a vehicle in extreme conditions could save lives.

    • Janet May 26, 2024

      I agree with you there. Maybe it should be mandatory for new drivers to go through these courses.

    • SafeDriver101 May 26, 2024

      Advanced driving courses are good, but let’s not forget basic respect and caution on the road. That’s what really prevents accidents.

  6. SafeDriver101 May 26, 2024

    Everyone’s talking about the driver, but what about the truck and van drivers? They’re victims in this too. Hope they’re okay.

    • gearheadJerry May 26, 2024

      Great point. Those drivers were just minding their business. The focus is so much on the Jazz; we forget others were involved.

  7. SidewaysSally May 26, 2024

    I’ve seen people try crazy things on the road, but this takes the cake. It’s like they thought they had cheat codes for real life.

    • CautiousCarl May 26, 2024

      Exactly. Unlike video games, you don’t get a restart in real life. People need to remember the stakes are real.

    • SidewaysSally May 26, 2024

      Definitely, CautiousCarl. It’s all fun and games until reality hits. Literally, in this case.

  8. PhilosophyJoe May 26, 2024

    There’s a deeper lesson here about hubris and its consequences. The ancient Greeks knew it, and it seems we’re still learning it today.

    • HistoryBuff May 26, 2024

      Interesting take. Icarus flew too close to the sun, and this driver flew too close to disaster. Some lessons are indeed timeless.

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