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Horrific Chon Buri Bus and Motorcycle Crash Claims Life of Kritphum Khanthong, 37

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The scene was a chaotic blur of flashing lights and thick smoke on Highway 36 in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri, as a horrific accident unfolded shortly before Sunday turned into Monday. In the heart of this dimly lit night stood the smoldering remains of a once-mighty Yamaha R1 motorcycle and the battered shell of a First Transport Co. bus.

Time seemed to stand still as emergency responders worked frantically near the 100-kilometer marker. It was 10:36 PM when disaster struck: a tragic collision in tambon Pong, where a group of motorcyclists had been walloped back to harsh reality from their weekend escapade near the glittering city of Pattaya.

The bus, hailing from the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, stood immobilized, its luggage compartment door visibly crunched and bruised near the right rear wheels. The scene spoke volumes of the sheer force of the impact. Just a few paces away laid the burning carcass of a once sleek and powerful 1000cc Yamaha R1. Ghostly flames flickered into nothingness as firefighters doused them, revealing the unthinkable horror underneath.

Among the chaos, rescuers discovered the severely injured and unconscious rider, Kritphum Khanthong, 37. The atmosphere thickened with a mix of urgency and desperation as they fought to breathe life back into him. Alas, despite valiant efforts, Kritphum’s journey came to a heartbreaking halt.

Witnesses stood by, shells of their smiling selves from hours before. Another biker in the group, Chanin Srichome, 27, recounted the devastating chain of events. Kritphum had been riding alongside his friends, reveling in the freedom that comes with a weekend ride. The joyride, however, took an abrupt and deadly turn as the bus began its ill-fated U-turn, an obstacle that fate had cruelly placed in Kritphum’s path.

Chanin’s voice wavered as he described the futile attempts to avoid the looming mass of the bus. The Yamaha’s prowess and Kritphum’s skill couldn’t prevail against the sudden, erratic movement of the larger vehicle. There was no time, no space, just a narrowing tunnel leading into disaster.

Bus driver Sakrit Mohkae, 35, stood by, shadows cast by the emergency lights dancing across his face. His voice broke the silence: “I had no choice. My bus is too big. The U-turn from the left lane was necessary.” He explained how Kritphum, speeding down the right lane, had tried desperately to swerve into the left as the bus blocked his path. The valiant effort was in vain; the collision was inevitable.

The roadway, often a silent witness to countless journeys, now bore the cruel scars of the night’s events. As authorities documented the scene, a somber reality settled over the bystanders. Friends would ride home without one of their own, and families would awake to unbearable news.

Highway 36 remained closed for hours, a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the unexpected turns it can take. The story of this unfortunate night would be etched into the memories of many, a silent caution whispered to every traveler who dares to challenge the asphalt under the shroud of night.

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