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Hospital Bed Turned Love Nest: Giant Monitor Lizards’ PDA Moment Caught on Camera – Will This Affectionate Encounter Result in Lottery Bonanza?

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An extraordinary scene unfolded in a hospital’s open space when two sizable monitor lizards showcased affection towards one another. This amusing spectacle was caught on camera by Bunthanya Wachirawongsarak and readily shared on her Facebook page. Bunthanya, a competent nurse performing her formalities at the hospital, captured the tender moment between the large lizards. What started as a routine waiting period for her car insurance proceedings turned into an unexpected wildlife encounter.

The unlikely venue for this unique display of reptilian affection – a parking area near the scenic Maeklong River. As Bunthanya patiently awaited her car insurance documentation, her attention was captivated by two large monitor lizards. The sight of these robust creatures, usually intimidating by their sheer size, in a moment of tender connection was oddly endearing.

Choosing to document the surprising occurrence, she began filming. However, the reptiles proved to be camera shy. Upon noticing her, they quickly sought refuge beneath a hospital bed, causing the bed to move visibly with their scurrying movement. Her attempts to capture their hideout under the bed were futile due to the prevalent darkness.

Sharing this video brought an unexpected result. She received her car’s number plate, 4895, from a viewer who suggested she might want to try her luck with the lottery. It may seem like a peculiar proposal, but, as Bunthanya shared, an encounter with a monitor lizard has often resulted in a fortunate lottery outcome for her friends. They commonly use numbers 45 or 54 in honor of their lizard encounter. Inspired by her encounter with not one but two lizards, Bunthanya placed her bet on the number 245.

As she explained, the location near the Maeklong River is teeming with natural resources and diverse fauna including the thriving monitor lizard population. While these mammoth creatures can come across as intimidating at first glance, Bunthanya holds a different perspective on them. She perceives them as fascinating animals and was considerably moved by their human-like display of affection in their warm embrace.

For more intriguing stories from The Thaiger, you can follow their updates on their brand-new Facebook page, as stated in the original post.

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