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In Pattaya, Thailand, numerous bars and clubs don’t pass tests for fire safety

The inspectors mostly examined the fire exits and fire fighting equipment to see if they adhered to safety regulations. Some locations, they claimed, just had one fire escape, which wasn’t enough for a safe evacuation.

The famed Pattaya Walking Street continues to make headlines. On Monday at around 4 am on Walking Street, a gang of street vendors beat a “European tourist” with a metal chair after he allegedly failed to pay for his lunch. Officials claim that several entrances were blocked, making it challenging to flee the building swiftly in the case of a fire. However, inspections revealed that many of the fire exits were “not viable.”

The authorities did not single out any particular venues, but they did state that all venues that did not pass the inspection would need to make the required adjustments and upgrades to their areas before they could reopen to Walking Street revelers. After “rejecting their services,” two ladyboys on Walking Street stole an Indian traveler’s debit card and 12,000 baht, according to a report made to Pattaya Police on Wednesday. In an effort to prevent another tragedy of similar sort, officials from Chon Buri province yesterday performed fire safety checks at pubs and nightclubs on Pattaya’s Walking Street in the Bang Lamung neighborhood.

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