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In the Sri Racha district of Chon Buri, numerous residences suffered significant flooding

The Thai Cabinet authorized a nearly 1.6 billion dollar budget on September 7 to address Thailand’s ongoing flood issues. According to reports, water levels in certain regions rose to approximately 30 centimeters, which caused traffic issues, especially for tiny vehicles. In the flood, numerous electrical items suffered damage. A ten million baht damage estimate has been made.

664 million baht has been designated for new water pumps, while 912 million baht has been set aside for water management throughout the wet and dry seasons.

Floods are causing devastation all around Thailand, and recently, the eastern part of the country has seen a lot of damage. Due to the village’s proximity to a canal, the water level there rose to 50–60 centimeters. The extensive amount of waste in the canal that blocked the drainage system contributed to the flood in addition to the severe rain. A representative of the Chonburi Province’s Council of Provincial Administrative Organization arrived to assist the locals in clearing the rubbish and debris clogging the drainage system. On September 8, a flood at a poultry farm in the Kwaeng area of Rayong province resulted in the death of approximately 140,000 hens.

The water level at the poultry farm rose above one meter in certain areas, flooding all six of the homes.

The Sri Racha district of the eastern Chon Buri province experienced flooding last night, affecting hundreds of homes and buildings.

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