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Incorrect 20 baht banknotes have been created, according to the Bank of Thailand

Thai media say that people can still use the wrong-sized banknotes until they are all taken out of circulation. De La Rue (DLR) International Limited says that the wrong printing could not be found because of a mistake in the manufacturing process. The BOT and DLR are looking into what went wrong right now. At this time, the country’s central bank is doing more to take out of circulation banknotes that were printed wrong. The BOT says that it is still legal for people to pay off their debts with banknotes. They can keep using them at commercial banks and other places that deal with money. The Bank of Thailand (BOT) said on Tuesday that mistakes were made when making a batch of 20 baht bills. The Board of Trade said that Arabic and Thai numbers were written in different ways. Misprinted banknotes are rare, so people all over the world collect them. For some collectors, the error is better if it is unusual. Who knows, maybe some Thai collectors will still keep their banknotes even though they were printed wrong.

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