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IRPC Shatters Records with 5th Consecutive Human Rights Award – A True Beacon of Corporate Excellence!

Under the proficient leadership of Kris Imsang, serving as Director/President and Chief Executive Officer, IRPC has received the prestigious honour of being named as the best “Human Rights Model Organisation” of 2023. This remarkable achievement marks the fifth consecutive year the company has taken home this esteemed accolade. The commendation is awarded by the Rights and Liberties Protection Department under the Ministry of Justice. IRPC’s massive win in the Large Enterprise category standing testament to its relentless commitment to uphold human rights, ensure equality and diversity, and shoulder its responsibility towards all those it partners with. The award-giving ceremony was held on September 22, 2023, hosted at the luxurious Miracle Grand Convention Hotel nestled in the heart of Bangkok.

IRPC operates its business on the foundational principles of “Protect”, “Respect”, and “Remedy”, which align with international human rights standards. These deeply embedded principles not only guide the company’s operations, but they also shape the interactions of every person connected with IRPC – from its executive members down the ladder to the staff, and outwardly to its trade partners, customers, local communities, and collaborative networks. They serve as the company’s blueprint, driving a positive ripple effect that ushers in improvements in quality of life, both within and beyond the company.

The honor of being recognised as a “Human Rights Model Organisation” is no minor feat and is indeed a significant milestone in IRPC’s journey. It underscores the ingrained moral values within the company, fostering a sense of ethical responsibility amongst all stakeholders, executive members, and employees. This recognition is not just a spotlight on the company’s steadfast commitment to ethical business practices and the pursuit of innovative solutions but is also an ode to its unwavering dedication. More importantly, it dramatises the company’s vision that extends beyond profit-making to enriching people’s lives by enhancing confidence and trust, earning international recognition, and promoting growth sustainably and systematically.

This prestigious accolade isn’t just a win for IRPC alone, but a victory for all those who believe in crafting a corporate world that takes human rights, equality, and responsibility seriously. It sends across a strong message – it is possible to strike a balance between business excellence and social responsibility. In the end, it is this balance that truly puts an organisation on the map, vouching for its longevity and sustainability.

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