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Island in eastern Thailand included among the “Top 100 Green Destination Stories”

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Top 100 Green Destination 2022 The Destination Foundation’s tales. Koh Mak is an island located off the coast of Trat province. The tale discusses Koh Mak’s initiatives to encourage low-carbon travel. In 2015, DASTA launched three initiatives. The objective of the Dutch nonprofit Green Destinations Foundation is sustainable tourism. The low-carbon activities were initiated by the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), according to the article. Under DASTA, the public sector, localities, and government have formed a “Low Carbon Family.” These organizations interact in four areas to reduce carbon emissions: 1) Energy conservation and alternative energy use 2) Efficient exploitation of water 3) waste management; 4) preserving the neighborhood’s way of life. This includes consuming local foods and brushing their teeth without running water. Koh Mak is one of the three most frequented destinations among the fifty islands off the coast of Trat. Koh Mak’s story is titled “Koh Mak, the journey to becoming the first low-carbon destination in Thailand.” “Help Koh Mak count to 10,000 trees” is the title of the second campaign. The inaugural “Eat it Fresh” campaign sought to encourage restaurants, hotels, and resorts on Koh Mak to source their fish locally and grow their own pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. This effort aimed to improve the quantity of green area on Koh Mak and encourage visitors to embrace “green” practices. The third campaign’s central idea was a gracious host. The campaign urged Koh Mak residents to reduce their carbon footprints in order to better their communities. Koh Mak may be the greatest location for a holiday that prioritizes sustainability. A small island in eastern Thailand has been added to the Green List.

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