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Jealousy Turns Deadly: Alarming Tale of a Thai Man Murdered his Girlfriend with a Two-Foot-Long Sword! Prepare to be Horrified!

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In the dark, pre-dawn twilight of Bangkok’s Bang Kho Laem district, a terrifying tragedy struck a local Thai household. Seized by a ravaging combination of inebriation, drug influence, and wild jealousy, a man committed the heinous act of killing his girlfriend. This grisly incident, shattering the serenity of the early morning, occurred around 3:45 am today.

The victim of this harrowing crime was a young woman, of just 24 years, named Minthira. Her last name has been kept confidential considering the sensitive circumstances. Minthira’s lifeless form was discovered in the bedroom she shared with her supposed murderer, on the second floor of their domicile. Stripped of her clothes and hidden under a yellow blanket, she bore the painful scars of the monstrous attack; Five brutal injuries, caused by a blade, marred her head, face, neck, and both arms. A horrific testament to the savagery of the crime was the bloody two-foot-long sword discovered nearby.

Suspected of this ghastly crime is Rungroj, a 24-year-old delivery rider working for a food service. Appearing intoxicated and seemingly out of touch with reality, he hasn’t been able to give any coherent responses. Rungroj had been sharing his life with Minthira, who was employed at a restaurant. They were blessed with a two-year-old son and had been staying at the house owned by Rungroj’s father for just two days when this dire incident took place.

Rungroj’s father, Prachai, who is 64 years old, has stated that his son suffers from a history of substance abuse including marijuana and Kratom juice. This addiction led to unpredictable behaviour and noticeable changes in his character. Furthermore, Rungroj was often known to engage in quarrels with Minthira, possibly triggered by his jealousy of her employment in a restaurant, leading him to suspect her fidelity.

Prachai went on to recount the horrific tale of the discovery. In the wake of the couple’s loud argument, he hurried downstairs only to witness his son attempting to escape their residence. Rungroj shockingly admitted to Minthira’s murder, leading Prachai to detain him promptly and place a distress call to the police emergency hotline 191.

Presently, Rungroj is under the custody of local authorities who are waiting for him to regain sobriety before delving deeper into the investigation surrounding the appalling incident. Based on reports from KhaoSod Online, he is likely to face the severe charges of “intentional murder”.

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