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Kanidtha Pattanapanitchakul Leads Eco-Friendly BDMS Connect Center in Bangkok’s MICE Industry

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As a globally recognized tourism destination, Bangkok is a magnet for travelers, especially those involved in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions). The city’s vibrant allure and staunch commitment to sustainability draw a diverse crowd. Today, local hotels and conference venues focus more than ever on eco-friendly designs and sustainable practices. At the forefront of this eco-conscious transformation is dwp | design worldwide partnership, an international architecture and design firm with over three decades of experience in Thailand. Their latest project, the BDMS Connect Center, reaffirms their dedication to innovative, sustainable design solutions.

Ms. Kanidtha Pattanapanitchakul, Design Director at dwp, shared her insights on the project’s vision, stating, “The BDMS Connect Center is set to become a benchmark for environmentally conscious design in the MICE industry.” With a design philosophy embodied in the slogan “Create, Integrate, Connect,” the project aims to meld modern technology with natural elements, drawing inspiration from the lush rainforests of Southeast Asia. The design concept features four distinct zones, each echoing a layer of the rainforest ecosystem: Forest Floor (1st floor), Under Canopy (2nd floor), Canopy (3rd floor), and Emergents (4th floor). Visitors are treated to a unique, immersive experience that highlights the intricacy and beauty of nature.

The project prioritized sustainable materials and practices, ensuring the construction process would support attaining LEED Certification for energy efficiency. Suppliers were meticulously selected based on their commitment to sustainability, underscoring the project’s holistic approach to environmental responsibility.

The BDMS Connect Center stands out as a beacon of balanced design, merging aesthetic appeal with environmental stewardship. Positioned as a world-class meeting and events venue in the heart of Bangkok, it sets a new standard for sustainable design, as evidenced by its Fitwel certification for user wellbeing and energy efficiency. Ms. Kanidtha emphasized, “dwp considers the prioritization of environmental sustainability to be an absolute necessity in all of our designs. We ensure that our work follows five principles: Sustainable Materials, Local Sourcing, Indoor Air Quality, Water Conservation, and Flexible Spaces.”

This strong focus on sustainability is seamlessly aligned with dwp’s early adoption of technological advancements. As pioneers in the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), the firm now leverages AI generative design to enhance performance and expedite the creative process. In tandem, their work aims to provide a ‘Sense of Place,’ fostering an emotional connection with the users of their spaces, all part of their commitment to “Design for a Better World.”

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  1. green.guru123 June 12, 2024

    This is amazing! Finally, a venue in Bangkok that puts the environment first.

    • ecoDoubt June 12, 2024

      Sure, but how much ‘greenwashing’ is really going on here? Companies love to tout sustainability without real action.

      • green.guru123 June 12, 2024

        It’s LEED and Fitwel certified! That’s real action, not just talk.

      • RealisticRick June 12, 2024

        Certifications can be bought. I think ecoDoubt has a point.

  2. Sarah B June 12, 2024

    This seems like a luxury showpiece rather than a practical solution.

    • K_Pattanapan June 12, 2024

      As someone involved in the project, I assure you, our goal was both practical and inspiring. We believe in balance.

    • ecoEnthusiast June 12, 2024

      I think it’s a start. If the ‘luxury showpiece’ can inspire real change, isn’t that a win?

      • Sarah B June 12, 2024

        I suppose, but it can easily become exclusive and not accessible to all.

      • Dr. Patel June 12, 2024

        Accessibility and environmental design are not mutually exclusive. They can coexist beautifully.

  3. grower134 June 12, 2024

    I wonder how these ‘sustainable materials’ hold up over time.

    • constructionPro June 12, 2024

      Sustainable doesn’t mean weak. Bamboo, for example, is both strong and eco-friendly.

    • grower134 June 12, 2024

      Bamboo is great, but not all materials advertised as ‘sustainable’ are reliable.

  4. EcoWarrior June 12, 2024

    I think this sets a great precedent. More venues should follow suit.

  5. Larry D June 12, 2024

    This sounds too idealistic. Bangkok has a lot of existing infrastructure that’s not eco-friendly.

    • OptimistJim June 12, 2024

      But we have to start somewhere, don’t we? This can be a catalyst for broader change.

    • Larry D June 12, 2024

      I’m all for change, but we need realistic and scalable solutions.

  6. NatureLover June 12, 2024

    The rainforest-inspired design sounds beautiful. I can’t wait to visit.

  7. TechyTom June 12, 2024

    Using AI for design is fascinating. It’s the future of architecture.

    • OldSchool June 12, 2024

      AI can’t replace human creativity. We shouldn’t rely too much on it.

      • TechyTom June 12, 2024

        AI helps enhance human creativity. It’s a tool, not a replacement.

  8. H.Nguyen June 12, 2024

    How does the Center handle water conservation? That’s a big issue in SE Asia.

    • K_Pattanapan June 12, 2024

      We’ve implemented advanced water recycling systems and rainwater harvesting.

  9. PessimistPete June 12, 2024

    I bet this place costs a fortune to rent.

  10. JohnnyN June 12, 2024

    I hope they really focus on local sourcing. That’s key to true sustainability.

    • GlobalWanderer June 12, 2024

      Local sourcing also supports the local economy. Win-win!

  11. Louis Minor June 12, 2024

    Indoor air quality in such venues is often neglected. How are they addressing it?

  12. SustainablySally June 12, 2024

    Does anyone know what materials they used specifically?

    • K_Pattanapan June 12, 2024

      We chose low-VOC materials like bamboo and recycled metals to minimize environmental impact.

  13. Geoff June 12, 2024

    Is this design concept truly scalable for other projects around the world?

  14. Paul the Planner June 12, 2024

    Sustainability in Bangkok’s MICE industry is overdue. This might set a new trend.

    • SkepticSam June 12, 2024

      Trends are nice, but the real test is if other businesses follow.

  15. EcoFan June 12, 2024

    Will they offer tours of the facility? Would love to see this in person.

  16. Sophie Lee June 12, 2024

    What’s the impact on local wildlife? Does anyone know?

    • K_Pattanapan June 12, 2024

      Our site selection and construction practices were designed to minimize disruption to local ecosystems.

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