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Kaspersky’s Digital Hygiene Resolution: Declutter and Defend in 2024

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As the confetti settles on another New Year’s celebration and resolutions are penned with hopeful enthusiasm, there’s a digital elephant in the room that can’t be ignored—cybersecurity. In a twist to the usual calls for gym memberships and language learning, mighty defender of the digital realm, Kaspersky, strikes a chord with an unconventional yet vital resolution for 2024: Triumph over the tyranny of digital clutter to safeguard your digital treasure trove!

Enter the Digital Swamps

Digital clutter, the unchecked proliferation of files and forgotten apps, is a silent beast lurking in our gadgets. The average user, in a flurry of modern productivity, births documents and acquires apps at warp speed, installing them without a second thought to usage or updates, let alone the tweaking of those pesky security settings. This leads to a digital sprawl where unwanted files loiter and neglected apps gather virtual dust.

Consider this: In the realm of Android alone, a typical user will download a dozen new apps monthly but part ways with only ten, surreptitiously hoarding a surplus of digital detritus. Hence, the labyrinth of our digital lives expands, unchecked and unloved.

Indeed, Kaspersky’s own data paints a telling picture—only 55% of users are digital cleanliness crusaders routinely purging their devices of idle apps and redundant files. A smaller contingent (32%) partakes in the occasional digital declutter. Alas, an audacious 13% shun the concept completely, letting the data detritus drift like flotsam in the digital sea.

What lurks within these digital debris fields? The top contenders are visual memorabilia—photos and videos—that encroach upon 90% of device storage. Hot on their heels are travel snaps, personal correspondence (each hogging 89%), precious contact info (84%), and the ubiquitous SMS and IM messages (79%).

The Fridge Paradox

Kaspersky dazzles with an intriguing analogy—our fridges. A study with OnePoll highlights a curious correlation: those doubling up on fridge fillers are often the same souls lost in the labyrinth of their file systems. A forgetful purchase here, an elusive document there; both lay bare the human propensity for disorder.

Thailand’s Cybercrime Chronicle

The cyber saga intensifies in the land of smiles, Thailand, where between March 2022 and September 2023, the Royal Thai Police were bombarded with over 336,000 cybercrime complaints, amounting to a staggering 45.73 billion Baht in losses. A cornucopia of cons—from duplicitous downloads to investment subterfuges—underscores the critical need for cyber vigilance.

In a campaign against the digital darkness, Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) plays whack-a-mole with 25,601 nefarious web pages, while the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) and the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) arm the masses with knowledge via training crusades.

As Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky, elucidates, “Education is the bulwark of cybersecurity. Arm yourself with knowledge, and your data and finances stand a fighting chance.”

Yeo then adds a sprinkle of wisdom on the futile tradition of New Year’s resolutions, a triumph only for a meager 8%. His strategy? Begin with bite-sized alterations to your digital habits, building up to a robust routine of data defense.

A Sextuplet of Cyber Salvation

To bolster your digital defenses, Kaspersky dispenses a six-fold path to sanctity:

  1. Password Exorcism: Wave goodbye to passwords, for the future is cryptographic. Embrace the passwordless sign-in and bask in the elegance and security of device-specific keys.
  2. Go Incognito: Leaks abound, but you can starve the scammer’s craft by offering only a trace of your presence. Use disposable emails and phone numbers, and sidestep non-essential forms. Less is the new more.
  3. Untangle from Toxic Threads: If social platforms have discolored your year, consider a digital detox. Transition to friendlier spaces or bid adieu altogether, leaving only what’s valued behind.
  4. Halt the Doomscroll: Newsfeeds are kryptonite to time and peace. Enforce a tech curfew on your apps and reclaim your hours and harmony with features like Apple’s Screen Time and Google’s Digital Wellbeing.
  5. Sectarian Existence: Erect an iron wall between work and pleasure—conduct each with its set of gadgets. Cybersecurity aside, your sanity will thank you.
  6. Embrace Cyber Hygiene: Cover the basics—fire up the antiviruses, diversify passwords, and keep your software sprightly with updates. Or, let Kaspersky Premium shoulder the burden with its suite of cleanup and optimization tools.

Ready to embark on a journey of cyber enlightenment? Kaspersky Premium stands at the ready, offering an arsenal of tools to declutter and protect your digital ecosystem. Visit Kaspersky and turn cyber chaos into harmonious order, for you and your family.

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