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Key Figure in OD Capital Ponzi Scheme, Pimprapassorn Jaemjaras, Arrested in Pathum Thani

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A woman who played a significant role in the notorious OD Capital scam has finally been arrested at a temple in Pathum Thani’s Khlong Luang district. Pimprapassorn Jaemjaras, 44, was taken into custody on Saturday, much to the relief of those who suffered losses in the Ponzi scheme that swindled over 5 million baht. According to Pol Maj Gen Teeradej Thamsuthee, chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB), this arrest follows a warrant issued in March last year by a court in Surat Thani.

Investigators have accused Ms. Pimprapassorn of being a central figure in the fraudulent activities of OD Capital. This dubious entity came under scrutiny in 2019 when it was revealed to be a classic Ponzi scheme, enticing unsuspecting investors with the promise of at least a 10% return on their investments. The fallout was extensive, with victims in Surat Thani alone reporting losses exceeding 5 million baht and filing complaints against Ms. Pimprapassorn.

Despite the mounting allegations, Pimprapassorn managed to evade law enforcement officers for months, blending into her surroundings and frequently changing her hairstyle to mask her identity. Yet, she was known to frequently visit a renowned temple in Pathum Thani, providing a slender lead for the police.

On a fateful Saturday, undercover officers mingled with devotees during a merit-making activity at the temple, waiting for a chance to spot the elusive suspect. Their patience paid off when they eventually identified and apprehended Ms. Pimprapassorn.

Even in custody, Ms. Pimprapassorn vehemently denied any wrongdoing, maintaining that the investment venture was legitimate. She told the police that she herself received a 7% return on her investments every month and had therefore encouraged others to invest. However, problems began to surface in 2018 when the company encountered financial difficulties and ceased its dividend payments.

Following preliminary questioning, Ms. Pimprapassorn was handed over to the police authorities in Surat Thani. This action is a part of a larger crackdown on Ponzi schemes in 2018, during which police sought 48 suspects but managed to arrest only 38. The victims of these schemes were conned out of sums totaling up to 10 billion baht.

The arrest of Ms. Pimprapassorn marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to bring justice to the many who were deceived by OD Capital’s fraudulent operations. Despite her denials, the victims can only hope that her apprehension will bring some measure of closure and perhaps a path to reclaiming their lost investments.


  1. James Wright July 7, 2024

    Finally, some justice for the victims! How could someone deceive countless people and still sleep at night?

    • Sara K July 7, 2024

      I doubt this is the end. There are probably more like her still out there scheming.

      • James Wright July 7, 2024

        True. But at least it’s a start, isn’t it? Better late than never.

      • DanTheMan12 July 7, 2024

        Ponzi schemes are way too common nowadays. People really need to be more cautious.

    • OpineGirl88 July 7, 2024

      You’d be surprised how many people are willing to turn a blind eye for a good return on investment.

  2. Mike L July 7, 2024

    I feel sorry for the victims, but they should’ve known better than to trust something promising 10% returns.

    • Jenny P July 7, 2024

      Not everyone is financially savvy, Mike. It’s predators like these who exploit that lack of knowledge.

    • RayC July 7, 2024

      Agreed, Jenny. Financial literacy isn’t widespread enough. Scammers thrive because of it.

    • Mike L July 7, 2024

      Okay, fair point. But a little skepticism goes a long way too.

  3. Holmes42 July 7, 2024

    Does her arrest mean the victims will get their money back? Unlikely. These cases rarely end with full compensation.

    • Mary July 7, 2024

      Yeah, chances are slim. Most of the money is probably already spent or hidden away.

  4. ThinkerBelle July 7, 2024

    What about the other 10 suspects they haven’t caught? Justice should be served to ALL involved!

    • Eddie Brock July 7, 2024

      It’s like cutting off one head of a Hydra. Another pops up somewhere else.

      • ThinkerBelle July 7, 2024

        True. But at least it sends a message. We can’t just let these criminals roam free.

  5. Nina J July 7, 2024

    She thinks she can just hide in temples and evade justice? Despicable!

    • Mark T July 7, 2024

      She must have been desperate. Who knows what kind of life she was living while on the run.

    • Nina J July 7, 2024

      Desperate or not, she chose to deceive so many people. No sympathy from me.

  6. Tim123 July 7, 2024

    This whole case emphasizes the need for stronger regulations in the investment sector.

  7. Sandra W July 7, 2024

    It boggles my mind how the legal system took so long to catch her. Almost a year after the warrant? Really?

    • Paul July 7, 2024

      Indeed. Law enforcement needs better tools and resources to track these criminals.

  8. Lydia P July 7, 2024

    10% returns? Sounds too good to be true because it usually is. People need to think practically!

  9. Xander_3000 July 7, 2024

    I bet she’ll still claim innocence till her last breath. Scammers always find ways to justify their actions.

  10. CuriousCat July 7, 2024

    Does this mean all those 48 suspects were involved in similar schemes, or different ones?

    • FactChecker July 7, 2024

      From what I understand, they were part of different schemes, but often linked by networks or tactics.

  11. SmartInvestor July 7, 2024

    This case is a grim reminder to do due diligence before investing. No shortcut to wealth!

    • Grower134 July 7, 2024

      Exactly. Trust but verify should be everyone’s mantra when it comes to money.

    • CuriousCat July 7, 2024

      But how many people actually have the means to verify? It should be easier somehow.

    • SmartInvestor July 7, 2024

      Education is key. Financial institutions need to educate the public better.

    • Lisa_M July 7, 2024

      While true, some scammers are just too slick. Even educated folks get duped occasionally.

  12. Ali_Baba July 7, 2024

    This won’t be the last we hear of such scams. Until people’s greed is curbed, these schemes will continue.

  13. Emma E July 7, 2024

    I really hope she faces the full brunt of the law. People like her ruin lives.

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