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Khao San Road experienced a significant increase in revenue as a result of the World Cup

According to Thaniwan, the increase in the number of tourists visiting Khao San Road comes right in time for the High Season, which is a time of celebration in Thailand as well as a fantastic time for the industry. She also mentioned that sales have returned to where they were in 2019 throughout this week. According to projections provided by the Sports Authority of Thailand, the World Cup would bring in more than 40 billion baht for the country of Thailand. But there is some bad news as well. On the other hand, the police have said that they will be investigating local entertainment places to verify that no football betting is taking place. Phanurat Lakboon, Assistant to the Commission-General of the Royal Thai Police, reported to the media that football betting had transitioned from a paper-based system to an internet betting system. Previously, football betting was conducted using a paper-based system. Phanurat noted that the authorities do have the capacity to close down some betting websites that are run in the country, despite the fact that the majority of the servers were operated online and were difficult to control. Participating in internet betting may result in a prison sentence ranging from one to 10 years, a fine ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 baht, or both of these consequences, as stated in Section 3 (9) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act. People who host football betting could face a prison sentence ranging from three months to three years, in addition to a fine ranging from five hundred to five thousand baht.

Khao San Road in Bangkok is experiencing a surge in business as a direct result of the FIFIA 2022 World Cup. Sa-nga Rueangwattanakun, the President of the Khao San Road Business Association, disclosed that the number of enterprises located along Khao San Road increased by fifty percent. According to Sa-nga, a large number of people went to local entertainment venues and eateries in order to watch the World Cup matches. This provided a nice boost to business coffers after pickings were thin during the Covid-19 outbreak. Sa-nga hopes that more people from Thailand and other countries will come to Khao San Road to partake in the excitement of watching the World Cup. She also mentioned that a large LED screen will be erected up on the road for football lovers to enjoy as well. Thaniwan Kunlamonggkon, the President of the Thai Restaurant Association, expressed thoughts quite similar to those expressed by Sa-nga.

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