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Khlong San Drug Bust: Heroic Thai Police Seize Massive Haul Under Pol Maj Gen Thinnakorn’s Lead

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In the bustling district of Khlong San, a scenario straight out of an action-packed thriller unfolded yesterday, showcasing the sharp acumen of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB). The stage was set in the seemingly serene Wat Thong Phleng community in Khlong Ton Sai subdistrict, but beneath its calm exterior, a high-stakes game of cat and mouse was about to reach its climax. The protagonists of this thrilling spectacle? Six enterprising, albeit misguided, individuals who took the gig economy to a whole new level, masquerading as delivery service riders. However, their deliveries were far from the usual fare of food and parcels; these riders were couriering a more illicit cargo.

Under the keen leadership of the MPB’s deputy commissioner, Pol Maj Gen Thinnakorn Rangmat, the operation to ensnare these drug couriers was executed with precision. The police’s haul from this daring raid was nothing short of breathtaking – 6.95kg of crystal methamphetamine, which would shimmer like deadly diamonds, 100,000 methamphetamine pills with their deceptive allure, 78.3g of heroin hiding its sinister potency, and a staggering 22.38kg of ketamine, all seized from the clutches of these couriers. But that’s not all; also recovered were a 9mm firearm, an array of bullets, and the very motorcycles that had been the couriers’ steeds in their nefarious activities.

Pol Maj Gen Thinnakorn revealed that this operation was the culmination of meticulous planning and coordination between the MPB, the Bangkok Narcotics Control Office, and the Welfare of Women and Children Subdivision (WWCS) of the Royal Thai Police. The plot was thickened by intelligence received by the WWCS about the sale of narcotic drugs in and around the Wat Thong Phleng community, prompting a decisive response.

The cunning of these couriers was evident in their modus operandi. Donning the guise of delivery riders, they adeptly concealed their illicit cargo within parcels, ingeniously installed in the backseats of their motorcycles, a ploy designed to deceive the unwary eye. However, their scheme began to unravel with the discovery of two motorcycles bereft of license plates, a clue that propelled further investigation and ultimately led to their apprehension.

When confronted, the suspects could no longer maintain their facade, admitting to their involvement in this dark trade. Their confessions painted a picture of a complex operation – receiving drugs from other dealers two or three times a month, with each delivery padding their wallets by 80,000 baht. Their homes served as the staging ground for these transactions, with deliveries made to their clients on at least five different occasions daily.

This saga serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive challenge that narcotics pose to communities. Pol Maj Gen Thinnakorn’s parting words echoed a call to action for the citizenry, urging them to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activities. This incident not only highlights the ingenuity of criminal enterprises but also showcases the relentless efforts of law enforcement agencies to keep our streets safe. In this never-ending battle between the forces of law and order and the shadowy world of drug trafficking, every citizen plays a crucial role. So, dear reader, let us be ever-watchful, for it is together, in unity, that we can safeguard the sanctity of our community.


  1. Alex May 23, 2024

    Big win for the MPB! It’s incredible seeing the police take down such a large operation. It really puts into perspective the scale of drug problems in our communities.

    • Tina May 23, 2024

      True, but isn’t it sad how normal people are driven to crime due to socio-economic pressures? Maybe if the system helped them better, they wouldn’t turn to this.

      • Alex May 23, 2024

        I get your point, Tina, but it doesn’t justify criminal activity. We have laws for a reason. There are always other, legal ways to get help.

    • Mike_in_Bangkok May 23, 2024

      Massive respect to Pol Maj Gen Thinnakorn and his team! This operation shows the police are actually capable of curbing the drug menace.

  2. freethinker21 May 23, 2024

    This story has been spun to make the police look good. What about all the drug issues they haven’t managed to solve? This is just a drop in the ocean.

    • BangkokPatriot May 23, 2024

      So, you’re just going to ignore their effort and success? It’s people like you who demoralize the police force. Credit where it’s due, mate.

      • freethinker21 May 23, 2024

        Not ignoring, just saying this shouldn’t be an excuse to stop pushing for better results. One bust doesn’t solve systemic issues.

  3. Sara J May 23, 2024

    Is anyone else worried about what happens next? These drug syndicates are like hydra heads; cut off one, and two more appear. It’s a never-ending cycle.

    • HistoryBuff May 23, 2024

      Exactly, Sara. History shows that you can’t simply arrest your way out of drug problems. There needs to be a combo of law enforcement and social services.

  4. TommyG May 23, 2024

    I wonder where all these seized drugs go. Are we sure they’re being disposed of properly, or do they find their way back onto the street?

    • Becky May 24, 2024

      That’s an extremely cynical view, Tommy. I’d like to think our law enforcement has integrity.

    • FactChecker May 24, 2024

      TommyG raises a valid concern. There have been cases worldwide where seized drugs were mishandled. Transparency and accountability are key.

  5. EagerLearner May 24, 2024

    Can someone explain how these drug busts actually impact the drug trade in the long term? Do they deter other traffickers or not really?

    • CriminologyStudent May 24, 2024

      Short-term, they disrupt supply and send a message. Long-term, though, it’s debatable without addressing the demand side and root causes.

  6. Concerned_Local May 24, 2024

    Is it just me, or does it feel like we’re only hearing about the victories? What about the failures? I want the full picture, not just the good bits.

    • Realist May 24, 2024

      You’re spot on. It’s classic media and government play. They’ll show us what makes them look good but keep quiet about the rest.

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