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Line Man Wongnai is presently the largest tech business in Thailand

Our riders make double the minimum wage. We desire to expand in Thailand by providing excellent services. The company is worth 38 billion baht (US$1 billion). The money will be utilized to build the food delivery business, technical team, and workers said Line Man Wongnai CEO Yod Chinsupakkul. LINE MAN delivers meals, merchandise, messengers, and cabs. Between 2020 and 2022, meal delivery orders will be 15x. Line Man Wongnai offers on-demand, retail, and restaurant services. Restaurants and banks advertise.

700,000 eateries use it. Wongnai POS, the restaurant management system and sales through delivery provides restaurant reviews. Wongnai’s mission is to link millions of people with eateries. Operator 2020: Line Man and Wongnai merged. Series B investors include Line, Taiwan Mobile, BRV Capital Management, and PTT Oil & Retail Business. A company that benefits users, drivers, and restaurants. Line Man Wongnai’s fundraising success is significant. GIC, LINE, and others donated. This allows us to become Thailand’s top meal delivery service. Adding businesses. Market-leading restaurant POS. 50,000 restaurant owners. R&R: Wongnai’s database has 1 million Thai businesses. We have 100,000 riders nationwide.

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