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Local Sunday market, according to Phuket officials, brings in 2 million Baht per week

According to a local authority, more people are now visiting the well-known “Lard Yai” Phuket Street Sunday Market as tourism in Thailand slowly begins to rebound. According to the vice president of the Old Phuket Town Community, travelers are drawn to the foods and merchandise that depict Phuket’s real past. The market has more than 500 shops and stalls, says Vice President Somyos Patan. The market, which has been open for about 7 years with a few Covid “interruptions,” is one of the best examples of Sino-Portuguese store buildings in the area. It is the most well-known combination of local and tourist attractions on the island. The Phuket Street Sunday Market’s success may be a sign that business conditions in the island province are improving once more. Phuket officials have planned a number of festivals and events this year in an effort to highlight the province’s unique products and traditions and to encourage local business owners.

The majority of them have music playing while offering unique Phuket items and meals. The provincial capital of Phuket holds a weekly market that, according to officials, has brought in at least 2 million baht each week this month. Food vendors and other businesses around Thailand have felt the crushing weight of Thailand’s Covid-19 Act. The economies of tourist-heavy provinces like Phuket have been completely wrecked. The market is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions on Thalang Road, claims Somyos. Even though Thailand has relaxed its pandemic limitations, Somyos highlighted that the market is dedicated to following Covid-19 guidelines to protect the security of tourists.

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