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Lop Buri’s Monkey Menace: Arikanta Kanchanasinmetha’s Unusual Ordeal with an Aggressive Macaque

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In a twist that might seem straight out of a quirky film script, but is indeed the reality for the residents of Lop Buri, 2019 witnessed an event that perfectly encapsulates the town’s love-hate relationship with its most infamous inhabitants: the macaques. A curious macaque locked eyes with a camera, its gaze piercing through the lens and capturing the attention of tourists and locals alike. However, underneath this seemingly charming interaction lies a more contentious reality. Not every resident of Lop Buri is thrilled about their non-human neighbors. For some, the frequent encounters with the monkeys lean more towards harassment than harmless fun.

Amidst the city’s bustling streets, an incident unfolded that highlighted the complex dynamics between humans and macaques. Arikanta Kanchanasinmetha, a woman whose routine day took an unexpected turn, found herself at the receiving end of a macaque’s aggression. The attack, which occurred as she walked down a street in Muang district at 7:30 PM, was not just a brief scare. It involved a macaque employing what could only be described as a ‘jump-kick’ tactic, sending her sprawling to the ground and taking off with her food. The aftermath saw her with a dislocated left knee and minor injuries, painting a vivid picture of the sometimes fraught interactions between the local wildlife and humans.

Arikanta’s ordeal didn’t end on the pavement. Seeking justice, or at the very least, a semblance of it in the face of such an unexpected adversary, she made her way to the Tha Hin police station on Friday. Her request was simple: to have her complaint formally registered, not just for the sake of it but as a crucial step in obtaining reimbursement for her medical treatment. Yet, her story adds a layer of bewilderment. As her younger brother, Jah Ice Thap Fah, mused on his Facebook page, “How come we have reached the point of registering a complaint with monkeys involved?” This sentiment, perhaps, echoes the bafflement many might feel about the whole situation.

Following the incident, Arikanta’s tale of misfortune took to social media, courtesy of her brother. He detailed the harrowing experience, not just highlighting the physical injuries but rallying for support. His call to action wasn’t just about sympathy; it was a pragmatic plea to help sustain his sister’s livelihood. He urged people to patronize her online shop, a temporary solution as she recuperates and is unable to tend to her market stall, her usual venue of trade.

The macaque’s attack, while certainly distressing, sheds light on the broader issue of wildlife cohabitation in urban settings. Lop Buri, with its historical allure and architectural marvels, also grapples with the realities of sharing space with a troop of monkeys known for their boldness. As amusing as their antics might be to tourists and some locals, incidents like Arikanta’s underscore the pressing need for strategies that ensure the safety and well-being of all residents – human and macaque alike.

The incident at Muang district, under the jurisdiction of Tha Hin police station, is not just a tale of an unfortunate encounter. It’s a narrative steeped in the vibrant, albeit sometimes challenging, coexistence between humans and nature in the heart of Lop Buri. As the city navigates these complexities, the story of Arikanta and the macaque serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance that must be maintained. And perhaps, amidst the trials and tribulations, there lies an opportunity to forge a more harmonious coexistence.


  1. JaneD March 8, 2024

    I feel sorry for Arikanta, but these monkeys have been part of Lop Buri for years. It’s their home too. Maybe we should focus on finding ways to coexist peacefully instead of just blaming the wildlife.

    • EcoWarrior March 8, 2024

      Absolutely agree, JaneD. It’s about cohabitation, not domination. We invaded their space; it’s only natural they’d react. Education on how to live alongside our wildlife neighbors is key.

      • Realist123 March 8, 2024

        Nice sentiment, but try telling that to someone who’s just been attacked. Safety of humans should come first.

      • JaneD March 8, 2024

        There’s got to be a middle ground, Realist123. Damage control and prevention, without harming the animals, maybe?

    • LocalGuy45 March 8, 2024

      This isn’t just about one incident. The monkeys are becoming bolder by the day. A solution is needed ASAP!

      • EcoWarrior March 8, 2024

        Rapid solutions can lead to regrettable actions. A thoughtful, humane approach takes time but is worth it in the end.

  2. TechGuy March 8, 2024

    Why not use modern technology like drones or harmless deterrents to manage the monkeys? Could be a way to keep both parties safe.

    • Doubter March 8, 2024

      Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. You really think drones can solve a problem like this without causing chaos?

      • TechGuy March 8, 2024

        It’s about finding the right approach. Obviously, it’d need to be tested, but technology has solutions we often overlook.

  3. LocalResident March 8, 2024

    Every year it’s the same story. Tourists find it cute until something happens. Maybe it’s time to limit interactions and enforce stricter rules around feeding and engaging with the monkeys.

    • TouristJoe March 8, 2024

      That’s unfair to those of us who respect the local wildlife and follow the rules. Punish the rule breakers, not everyone.

      • LocalResident March 8, 2024

        Respect goes both ways, TouristJoe. It’s about making sure everyone is safe, both locals and tourists.

  4. MonkeyLover March 8, 2024

    The monkeys are what make Lop Buri unique! This is just an isolated incident. We shouldn’t overreact and risk harming the monkeys or their habitat.

    • ConcernedCitizen March 8, 2024

      Isolated until it happens to you, right? There has to be a way to protect people and still preserve what makes this place special.

      • MonkeyLover March 8, 2024

        Education on avoiding conflict and better waste management might reduce these encounters without harming the monkeys.

      • SafetyFirst March 8, 2024

        Prevention is ideal, but there should also be immediate help available for victims of attacks. It’s not about eliminating the monkeys, but ensuring human safety too.

  5. HistoryBuff March 8, 2024

    It’s a shame that incidents like these overshadow the rich history and culture of Lop Buri. There’s so much more to this place than its monkey residents.

    • CultureVulture March 8, 2024

      True, but you can’t deny that the monkeys are a huge draw for tourists. It’s about finding the balance between attraction and nuisance.

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