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Love Takes Flight: Thailand’s Bold Bid to Host 1 Million Hong Kong Lovebirds for Destination Weddings by Next Year!

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As a vibrant magnet for matrimonial events and tourism, Thailand ardently aspires to embrace an escalating influx of tourists from Hong Kong, particularly in the domain of weddings. Developed under the aegis of Mrs. Pornmon, this initiative aims to ensure the arrival of 1 million tourists from Hong Kong by next year.

An intriguing facet that propels Thailand to the second hotspot for destination weddings among Hong Kong residents, post-Japan, is its mesmerizing coastlines and azure beaches. Another appealing aspect is its robust facilities and wedding planning services that streamline wedding functions for Hong Kong couples. These features place it favorably against the long waitlists the couples would typically encounter in their homeland.

The Hong Kong bureau of the TAT has revealed that nearly 50,000 couples from Hong Kong choose to bind their love in the holy matrimony each year. Interestingly, about 10% of these couples, notably the younger ones, are drawn towards executing these wedding ceremonies in a foreign location.

“Organizing weddings can span over a year and can be financially taxing in Hong Kong. As a result, wealthy lovebirds are increasingly inclined to tie the knot in exotic lands.” elaborates Pornmon. She further shares that from January to July this year, approximately 454,008 Hong Kong tourists set foot in Thailand.

The TAT is ardently working towards a goal of welcoming 700,000 tourists from Hong Kong to the kingdom by the end of this year. On average, a tourist from Hong Kong splurges around 10,000 Thai baht per day, amounting to nearly 30,000 Thai baht per trip, in stark comparison to about 7,000 baht per day and 21,000 baht per trip back in 2019.

Besides aiming to boost the number of Hong Kong tourists to 1 million by next year, the TAT further wishes for augmenting their expenditure by roughly 10% during their trips, added Pornmon. An added perk to attract visitors is Thailand’s strategic geographical placement: a mere three-hour flight from Hong Kong.

The favorite Thai locales amongst the Hong Kong tourists have been found to be Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai. Pornmon’s predecessor, Naparat Wutthiwat, who has leveled up to director of TAT’s risk-management division, believes Hong Kong tourists demonstrate a bent towards promotional air tickets, given the steep prices post-pandemic. She is hopeful that her successor will explore collaborative opportunities with airlines to introduce more promotional flights aimed at Hong Kong tourists.

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