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MAMAHRATHON 2024: Topp Jirayut Leads Bangkok in Racing for Stray Dog Aid with Bitkub’s Charity Run

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Imagine a world where man’s best friend and their human companions gather together, not just for a run, but for a cause that tugs at the heartstrings of every pet lover out there. This is precisely the scene that unfolded at the Nong Bon Water Sports Center in Bangkok, on a sunny Saturday morning, the 25th of May 2024. The event? None other than the MAMAHRATHON, a charity run that’s witty in name but serious in mission, orchestrated by the innovative minds at Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., with none other than its Founder & Group CEO, Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa, at the helm.

Esteemed figures such as Chadchart Sittipunt, Bangkok’s proactive Governor, and Park Yongmin, the esteemed Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Thailand, graced the event with their presence. They were in good company with Sakolkorn Sakavee, President of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., along with other key figures from the Bitkub family. The goal? To offer a paw of help to the furry denizens of the streets – the stray dogs.

The atmosphere was electric, charged with the enthusiasm of pet lovers, their canine companions, and earnest runners, all mingling and basking in the vibrant, inclusive spirit of the MAMAHRATHON. The charity run wasn’t just about stamina and speed; it was a testament to the bond between dogs and their owners, with the path they ran together symbolizing the journey they share in life. Not just a clever combination of ‘Mama’ and ‘Marathon,’ the MAMAHRATHON was a beacon of hope, extending its light to every corner where a stray dog sought shelter.

Topp, with a spark in his eyes, shared the essence of the MAMAHRATHON, “It’s not just a marathon; it’s a movement. By joining hands, or paws, we’re not just running; we’re racing towards a brighter future for our four-legged friends on the streets. Every penny from the registration fees, precisely 100 baht, contributes to this cause, supporting two foundations that stand as pillars of hope for these animals, offering them the love and new beginnings they deserve.”

The warmth of the event was further amplified by Chadchart Sittipunt’s words, underlining the dual joy of engaging in physical activity while supporting a noble cause. “The MAMAHRATHON embodies the spirit of community and compassion, transforming the public park into a giant cuddle puddle of humans and dogs, all sharing the joy of giving back,” remarked the Bangkok Governor, highlighting the role of The Voice Foundation and Mah Krasob Page in channeling the funds to where they matter most – the lives of underprivileged dogs.

This initiative by Bitkub Capital Group Holdings is a glowing example of how corporate responsibility can extend beyond the boardroom and into the very streets where society’s most silent sufferers roam. It’s a reminder that every step taken, whether on a morning run or through philanthropic efforts, can pave the way for a brighter, kinder world. So here’s to MAMAHRATHON, where every pant and every panting breathe life into the hopes of stray dogs in Bangkok and beyond. Together, they ran not just a marathon, but a mammoth leap towards compassion and mutual respect between humans and animals, championing a more sustainable and inclusive society.

And as the day wound down, with the sun dipping low and hearts full, the consensus was clear: the MAMAHRATHON was more than just a run; it was a celebration of life, love, and the unbreakable bond between dogs and their humans. In that moment, the Nong Bon Water Sports Center wasn’t just a venue; it was a beacon of hope, a place where every tail wag and smile was a step toward a better tomorrow for Bangkok’s most vulnerable furry souls.


  1. DogLover101 May 28, 2024

    This event is a beautiful initiative! Finally, someone is taking considerable action to help stray dogs. Kudos to Bitkub and Topp Jirayut for leading the charge. It’s about time more companies took social responsibility like this.

    • CritiqueMaster May 28, 2024

      While the effort is commendable, I can’t help but wonder about the actual impact. Throwing money at the problem isn’t a solution. What about the long-term care of these dogs? Is there a plan for that, or is this just a feel-good temporary fix?

      • DogLover101 May 28, 2024

        I see your point, but raising awareness and funds is a crucial first step. Plans for long-term care would ideally follow, but initiatives like these also encourage others to adopt and take direct action. It’s a spark that can lead to bigger fires.

    • RealistRanter May 28, 2024

      Honestly, a charity run is great and all, but with all the wealth Bitkub has, shouldn’t they be donating a significant amount themselves? It feels a bit like they’re making the public pay for what they could easily cover.

  2. BangkokRunner May 28, 2024

    Participated in the MAMAHRATHON and it was an experience like no other! It’s one thing to run for your health, but running for a cause gives it a whole new meaning.

    • SkepticalSue May 28, 2024

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, but doesn’t anyone else feel like these events are more about self-promotion for companies rather than the cause itself? Sounds like a PR stunt to me.

  3. AnimalActivist May 28, 2024

    Events like MAMAHRATHON are critical for highlighting issues that are often ignored. Stray dogs are a big problem in Bangkok, and it’s great to see high-profile figures and companies stepping up. It’s not just about the day itself, but the awareness it brings.

    • GreenWarrior May 28, 2024

      Awareness is great, but let’s not forget about the importance of long-term solutions. Adoption, spaying, and neutering initiatives need more focus. Hope the funds raised are used wisely for such sustainable efforts.

  4. TimeToReflect May 28, 2024

    I appreciate the sentiment behind MAMAHRATHON, but how much of the proceedings are actually going to the dogs? There’s a lack of transparency in these charity events sometimes.

    • HopefulHearts May 28, 2024

      They did mention the funds are going to The Voice Foundation and Mah Krasob Page. Those groups have done great work in the past. I trust they’ll use the money where it’s needed most.

  5. EcoEcho May 28, 2024

    Makes me wonder, how environmentally friendly was this event? Large gatherings like this tend to leave a lot of waste behind. Hope they planned for that and ensured a minimal ecological footprint.

    • DogLover101 May 28, 2024

      That’s a valid point. While the focus was on stray dogs, it’s important to consider all aspects of an event’s impact. Would love to see more details on their environmental efforts during the MAMAHRATHON.

  6. PawsAndPeople May 28, 2024

    Love seeing initiatives that bring communities together for the sake of animals. We need more of this compassion and action. Big applause for Bangkok for setting an example!

  7. CynicalSid May 28, 2024

    Am I the only one who thinks that this is just another corporate scheme to look good? How much of that registration fee is actually going to help dogs, and how much is covering the event costs?

  8. MarathonManiac May 28, 2024

    Running for a cause? Count me in for next year! This is the kind of motivation people need to stay fit and contribute to society. Great move, Bitkub!

  9. BitkubFan May 28, 2024

    Bitkub showing once again why they’re leading not just in the tech world but also in social responsibility. This is the kind of leadership we need in today’s corporate world.

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