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Mass Abandonment Terror: Faithful Thai Pilgrims Stranded Midway on Their Sacred Hajj Journey – Unheard Horrifying Truth Revealed!

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In a bustling and lively atmosphere, Thai-Muslims gather at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Samut Prakan, their hearts filled with overwhelming excitement and devotion; they are about to embark on the sacred hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. The scene is reverential, a blend of spirituality and respect for their sacred journey, united in their intention, hope, and expectation.

However, this journey of deep religious significance recently became a challenge for more than 500 faithful Thai pilgrims hailing from Yala. They found themselves abandoned upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia, despite having each paid a hefty sum of around 270,000 baht for the opportunity to fulfill this important pillar of their faith.

This unrest has galvanized the Bhumjaithai Party’s dedicated task panel on the deep South. They plan to make significant strides to prevent such mishaps in the future, ensuring that Thai-Muslims who go to fulfill their religious obligation of hajj do not face such distress. The panel intends to propose a bill, expecting the party’s sponsorship, to address this pressing issue, says Nujmuddin Uma, a former MP for Narathiwat.

The urgency is undeniable. Reports of Thai pilgrims stranded during their hajj surface every year, but the recent incident, which affected 500 pilgrims, caused not only distress but widespread damage. With the lessons learned from this incident, the Bhumjaithai party’s panel is eager to rectify these issues and better ensure the safety and convenience of future pilgrims.

The proposed solution involves close supervision of hajj trips by a government-backed community organization. The idea is to establish a national committee devoted to hajj affair management. The proposed committee is forecasted to be chaired by the prime minister himself, with the membership consisting of high-profile officials from various government departments and esteemed Muslim scholars, elucidates Uma.

Besides the national committee, there would be a hajj affairs team responsible for managing hajj missions and an office dedicated to hajj affairs, providing a comprehensive and robust system to ensure a smooth and spiritually focused hajj for Thai-Muslims.

Addressing the plight of the stranded pilgrims, Deputy Interior Minister Naris Khamnurak has instructed the Department of Provincial Administration’s (DOPA) hajj affairs promotion division to extend their support. They will also ensure the financial viability of all hajj tour organizers to avoid such unfortunate circumstances in the future.

Khamnurak has also raised a significant concern about the high cost of hajj travel packages. With an average cost of approximately 250,000 baht for a 40-day trip, the minister called upon DOPA to collaborate with other concerned departments to explore ways to reduce these expenses, making hajj pilgrimage more accessible and affordable for the devout Muslim population of Thailand.

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