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Megashift in Medicine Unleashed: Thailand’s Elite Consortia Sets Sights on Medicinal Plant Revolution! Brace for Unprecedented Advances in Pharmaceutical Realm!

The initiative at hand is a cornerstone in the field of medical progression, focusing primarily on the development and production of innovative health improvement solutions and high-quality pharmaceutical servitude derived from medicinal plants.

Joining forces for this noble venture are esteemed entities such as the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, alongside the Research Institute for Human High Performance and Health Promotion, and the Academic Clinical Research Office. These units under the prestigious Khon Kaen University, Thailand, are renowned for their expedient work in the pharmaceutical development chain leveraging medicinal flora. Their ultimate goal translates to procuring global trust and endorsement, thus assuring their commitment to uphold the highest standards of quality, efficacy, and safety.

Incidentally, this collaboration also acts as a linchpin in reinforcing the Nan Sandbox project. This parallel initiative is geared towards elevating the value of medicinal plants both economically and ecologically. It not only proffers additional income to the local farming community but also catalyzes the restoration of the lush Nan headwater forest. Known as the richest headwater forest in Thailand, its revitalization signifies the preservation of the country’s natural heritage.

Marking the inauguration of this collaboration, a formal signing was held, witnessed by prominent individuals like Dr. Adit Laixuthai, the esteemed Director, and Manager of Kasikornthai Foundation & Anan Lapsuksatit, the respected Chairman of K Agro-Innovate Institute. They were joined by the intellectual prowess of other key participants; Associate Professor Apichat Jiravuttipong, M.D., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Assistant Professor Dr. Narin Chansri, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Professor Jintanaporn Wattanathorn, Ph.D., Director of the Research Institute for Human High Performance and Health Promotion; and Professor Kwanchanok Yimtae, M.D., Director of the Academic Clinical Research Office.

This unique amalgamation of experiences, perspectives, and resources is anticipated to lay the groundwork for pioneering advances in the medical and pharmaceutical realm, directly benefitting both the economy and the ecosystem.

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24 days ago

yes the entire world needs reforming in the medical industry, I hope so anyway