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Mind-blowing Infrastructure Overhaul! Thailand is Paving the Way for Phuket’s Staggering 148 Billion Baht Tourism Transformation!

Phuket, the vibrant destination of Thai, is eagerly fastening its seatbelt to embark on a grand journey of becoming a regional tourism hub. It’s an aspiration nurtured and propelled by the Transport Ministry, which is intending to pour a staggering 148 Billion Baht budget into the transformative roadmap of the city’s infrastructure.

This ambitious plan trickled down to the public after a recent meeting held in Phuket, attended by the Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit. He unmasked the governmental strategy of breathing a new life into tourism by introducing incentives and improving the transport infrastructure, a significant leap toward inking Phuket’s name on the world tourism map.

The Ministry has its eyes set on a set of seven infrastructure ventures, estimated at 148 billion baht. The projects will encompass both air and land transport enhancements to effortlessly usher inbound visitors into Phuket. The initiative also targets to expand the city’s capacity of inviting more investments, strengthening the economy, and propelling trade into new heights.

The minister further added that the proposed projects would incorporate numerous highways crisscrossing Phuket, extensions of existing highways, overpasses, and – the cornerstone of the project – the plan to construct a second airport on the island of Phuket.

Marking fiscal 2024 as the milestone year for budget distribution, Suriya opined that the results of this extensive development scheme should come to fruition by 2026. Among the projects expected to be accomplished are the highway projects, which will ensure both locals and tourists can navigate through Phuket with convenience and comfort.

Phuket’s Deputy Governor, Amnuay Pinsuwan, in his anticipation, voiced that local government institutions and business sectors are fully primed to table their demands before Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin during his imminent tour in Phuket.

Phuket yearns to change its narrative on several fronts: upgrading waste management systems, addressing water issues, and giving an environmental makeover. Paired with these is the objective of refining city planning, enhancing local and travellers’ safety, all tied with the blueprint of the “Andaman Wellness Economic Corridor”.

The feasibilities and legal aspects regarding fiscal backing have already been explored, and officials are prepared to present their plans formally, noted the deputy governor. He also asserted Phuket’s readiness to implement policy shifts aimed at stimulating increased tourism, like visa exemptions. The city’s poised stature is a testament to facilitating these newly introduced schemes.

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