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Mind-blowing Twist: Bangkok Governor Turns Regular Citizens into Ambassadors – Unleashes City’s Ultimate Potential!

A grand ceremony took place at City Hall on Friday, where new ambassadors were officially appointed. Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt presided over the event and emphasized the vital role of communication in their roles. He acknowledged the challenges associated with understanding different perspectives and expressed the need for the newly formed PR team to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the information they release. Any inaccuracies must be addressed promptly, he advised.

Chadchart highlighted the significance of three key elements in communication: right timing, right channel, and accuracy. As he congratulated the newly appointed ambassadors, the governor expressed his hope that they would also assist in enhancing the communication skills of other BMA officials. “We will work together to provide people with accurate information,” he added.

Although the BMA’s PR department is performing well, Chadchart believes there is room for further improvement. He explained that a mindset of constant betterment is crucial and serves as the driving force behind progress. “If we always think we are doing well, then there will be no room for improvement. But if we think it is not good enough, then it will become a driving force for improvement,” he said.

To commemorate BMA’s 50th anniversary, 33 new ambassadors were chosen from various professional fields such as education, healthcare, administration, and public services. These ambassadors include teachers, doctors, nurses, clerks, firefighters, mechanics, accountants, and administrators. Their primary responsibility is to promote BMA’s work, highlighting its accomplishments in the development of the capital city. They will pay particular attention to the “9 Dan 9 Dee” (9 distinctions in 9 aspects) policy, which aims to enhance the lives of Bangkok residents with quality medical treatment, education, vocational training, and an array of other services.

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