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Mind-Boggling Creative Boom: Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property Unleashes Unstoppable 250 Million Baht Revolution!

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As a highly experienced SEO and high-end copywriter, I understand the importance of providing engaging and informative content to attract readers. Today, I’m pleased to share an article discussing how Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property or Diprom is taking steps to support and boost the creative economy. This includes leveraging technology and innovation to help entrepreneurs in creative industries develop new products, packaging, services, and content.

Under the guidance of Diprom director-general Bainoy Suwanchatree, the department aims to help at least 250 creative businesses and develop a minimum of 100 innovative products. These efforts are expected to contribute significantly to Thailand’s creative economy, with an estimated 250 million baht in generated revenue. This support aligns with Diprom’s mission to help entrepreneurs increase customer numbers and create an attractive market presence.

Recognizing the significance of soft power in driving trends, Diprom has also launched a project designed to enhance the skills of playwrights and scriptwriters. By incorporating soft power elements into their work, these creatives are set to influence various sectors such as fashion, food, tourism, and more. As a result, increased revenue and Thai product consumption can be expected, alongside mitigating oversupply and boosting the value of the creative economy.

These efforts by Diprom are in line with Thailand’s commitment to promoting the Bio-Circular-Green economy, driving the country toward a more sustainable future. Consequently, Thailand’s thriving creative industry has seen the country’s soft power boost the reputations of domains like entertainment, food, fashion, performing arts, and tourism. This has led to the increased popularity of various Thai products among international consumers.

Examples of Thailand’s globally-recognized soft power items include elephant pants, the famous Pad Thai dish (stir-fried rice noodles), the iconic mango sticky rice, and the traditional martial art of Muay Thai. These cultural exports further demonstrate the country’s success in promoting soft power.

According to the Global Soft Power Index 2022, Thailand ranks 35th out of 120 countries worldwide and 6th among Asian nations, reaffirming its position as a key player in the global creative realm. This is a testament to the efforts made by Diprom and the Thai government in harnessing innovation and creativity to drive continued growth in the creative economy.

As Thailand continues to focus on the development of technology and innovation in creative industries, it is set to solidify its position as a leader in soft power and a shining example of how strategic support can foster a thriving creative economy.

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